Drug and alcohol addiction can cause serious health implications, imprisonment, and may even be fatal in extreme cases. When you find it hard to control your drug use, it’s vital that you seek help from an accredited Agoura rehab center. At Awakenings Treatment Center, our focus is to provide individualized and effective treatment plans that are founded on successful medical and therapeutic practices for each patient.

While there are many rehabs, not all of them are equal. To find the best rehabilitation center near Agoura Hills CA for you or your loved one, it’s advisable to do background research before checking into any treatment facility.

So, when choosing a reputable rehab center, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Licensing and Accreditation

You don’t want to get into any luxury drug rehab center where there may be uncertified therapists and physicians. To ensure that you increase your chances of a successful recovery, you should confirm that your facility of choice is licensed and accredited with certified and highly experienced staff.

  1. Available Treatment Options

Before you start your recovery journey in any treatment centers in Agoura Hills Los Angeles, it is also prudent that you review the treatment options they’re offering. For instance, if you’re struggling with a substance use disorder other than alcohol abuse, then a rehabilitation center that specializes in alcohol-only addiction treatment might not provide the kind of treatment that’s best for you.

That’s why at Awakenings Treatment Center, we have certified therapists and a highly skilled team for managing and treating different types of addictions. This ensures that patients who have more than one kind of addiction get the treatment they need.

  1. Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Care

Depending on your unique situation, your therapist may recommend either an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. That said, you can opt for an outpatient rehabilitation program if you want to receive addiction treatment while still maintaining your daily routine as much as possible.

But if you’ve tried outpatient treatment in the past and relapsed, it would be best to go to an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Agoura CA. That’s because an inpatient rehab entails intensive counseling, therapy, and treatment every day until you’re discharged. Thus, you’ll focus on your recovery without any interruptions 24-hours a day, highly minimizing your chances of relapsing.

  1. Insurance Payments

Paying for rehab can be quite costly. That’s why it’s advisable to ask your insurance company if they cover rehab treatment.

Also, check your preferred rehab center’s website to see if they accept your insurance cover. You may also reach out to them directly and give them your policy number to help you check whether the treatment plan you need is covered.

  1. Aftercare

Aftercare is an effective way of keeping those recovering from addiction off drugs after completing treatment. There are, however, facilities that may refer you to another Agoura Hills drug rehab for aftercare services.

As such, before choosing a rehab facility, it’s important to examine the treatment options that are available for you. That will help you know what next after the initial treatment. From past successes, though, the importance of aftercare cannot be overemphasized in helping those recovering from a substance use disorder maintain long-term sobriety.

Committed to Your Recovery

Are you looking for the best Agoura Hills drug rehab for you or a loved one? We can help. At Awakenings Treatment Center, our entire team is committed to seeing you recover and lead a fulfilling and healthy life. Click here for admissions at our Agoura Rehab Center and start your journey to sobriety today.