At Awakenings Treatment Center, we understand that recovery from drug abuse and alcohol addiction is a long-term process that requires the appropriate level of treatment combined with ongoing support. Our Agoura Hills CA drug rehab and alcohol treatment center has the experts who can provide individuals with the right medical care, behavioral therapy, and social support. They will do everything to help you restore your lives and build a foundation for lifetime sobriety.

What Our Team Believe About Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is not a sign of weakness, but it’s a brain disorder that requires medical treatment. Many alcohol and drug rehab centers in Agoura only aim to eliminate addiction behaviors, but our team goes beyond general treatment. At Awakenings Treatment Center, we believe that people struggling with substance abuse deserve access to quality addiction treatment. Our team of experts creates an individualized drug and alcohol recovery program to treat each patient. We dig to the root of our patient substance abuse and treat them from the inside out.

Our Approach to Alcohol Treatment

At Awakenings Treatment Center, our approach to alcohol addiction is simple. During treatment, we focus on the interpersonal, biological, and holistic aspects of alcohol addiction, providing clients with treatment for living an improved quality of life. Our unique treatment team includes licensed psychotherapists, psychologists, physicians, and drug and alcohol counselors who understand the chronic and progressive nature of addictions and mental health conditions. Our Agoura Hills clinicians work with clients and their families to rebuild trust and improved health essential for your well-being.

Why Choose Awakenings Treatment Center for Alcohol rehab in Agoura CA

Our beautiful and secluded environment allows you to heal from alcohol addiction in a place away from all distractions. What makes us different for other rehab centers is our commitment to using the most effective approaches, our staff knowledge, and experience, group therapy sessions, and an environment that promotes healing and wellness.

Our treatment center in Agoura Hills works with one client at a time, giving our clinical staff the ability to more directly and personally support your recovery and adapt treatment to your specific needs. Our small client to staff ratio provides us with the opportunity to offer you an experiential recovery regimen that is unmatched by other treatment facilities in Agoura Hills and the surrounding area. You will be engaged in incredible experiences so you can find sustainable and long-lasting sobriety after treatment.

Get Help Today

If you are out there searching for drug and alcohol rehab centers in Agoura for yourself or someone you care about and you are looking for a program that will suit you, Awakenings Treatment Center may be the right fit for you. Our treatment program will put your life back in your hands. We treat all our patients with respect in an emotionally safe environment. We provide care that is necessary and medically appropriate. If you would like to learn more about our treatment programs, we’re here to help. Contact us today.

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