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Hickory Wind Ranch is a premier Austin sober living facility with comfortable accommodations, state-of-the-art amenities, rewarding recovery support programs, and an experienced staff team. Our sober living community offers recovering addicts a stable, safe, and trigger-free environment after completing residential rehab treatment. 

How we approach recovery at our sober living in Austin, TX?

Your recovery journey can be a demanding process, requiring lots of determination and perseverance. We offer holistic healing modalities such as breath-work sessions, CrossFit training, and an ATX Mentor Network program to help our residents overcome their mental trauma, addiction, and maintain sobriety in the long term.

Besides, our optimization and integration specialists help guests feel more purposeful, fulfilled, and creatively aligned with their life's purpose and inner passions to help them lead a gratifying life. Furthermore, all our residents have access to private gyms, outdoor group fitness classes, complementary therapy, etc., enabling them to attain comprehensive and sustainable recovery.

Staying at home vs. staying at our Austin TX sober living during recovery

If you choose to stay at home during your recovery, you are accountable to nobody but yourself, and you cannot afford to lose focus or self-awareness at any point. If you lack adequate support at home or a stable environment to rely on, you are at high risk for relapse.

Alternatively, our Texas sober homes offer you accountability, structure, and allow you to heal and recover with peer support. You can make use of the recovery support programs available during sober living, such as job assistance, fitness programs, yoga/breath-work sessions, etc., to attain improved physical, mental, and emotional wellness, and change your life for good.

Pros and cons of choosing to stay at a transitional living in Austin, TX

It is normal to have your fair share of insecurities while considering staying at a sober living house. Here are some pros and cons of coming to one of the Texas sober living communities:


  1. Sober homes offer you structure and accountability, which reduces your risk of relapse significantly.
  2. Transitional homes engage you in various recovery support programs such as counseling, weekly house meetings, job assistance, mentorship programs, etc., which can gradually help you adapt and adjust to living in the outside world.
  3. Sober living allows you to heal, recover, and rebuild your life with peer support and sober fellowship. 


  1. You will pay a monthly fee for the stay, the amenities you use, the recovery support programs, etc. However, you can choose a sober living house within your budget.

You will have to adhere to the house rules and participate in the weekly house meetings without excuses. However, these meetings can be fun and interactive sessions enabling you to build new friendships along the way. 

Join our Austin sober living today to attain a safe and speedy recovery. Call 512 598 5165 to speak to one of us at Hickory Wind Ranch. We assist our guests in achieving sobriety by connecting them with some of the mentors and coaches across the country every day for outstanding long-term results.

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