If your child is already two and has a developmental delay, visit Awakenings Treatment Center today. At our Autism treatment center, we offer play, speech, and occupational therapies to alleviate symptoms in autistic children and adults. Call us for appointments.

When to see a doctor for Autism?

If your child is 18 – 24 months old and hasn’t achieved milestones in terms of physical, language, and cognitive development, you should consult with a developmental pediatrician fast. Also, visit a doctor if you notice the following in your child:

  • Delay in speech or no speech
  • Lack of co-ordination
  • Does not point to objects and does not respond to his/her name
  • Repetitive patterns in behavior
  • Lines up toys and spends an unusually long time playing with the same toy
  • Likes to watch things that spin
  • Poor social skills, etc.

In case you observe one or more these symptoms in your child immediately schedule for an appointment at an Autism treatment center. Early intervention is the key to treating Autism to reduce symptoms and improve development. Get in touch with us for Autism treatment at affordable prices.

Can autism be cured?

Autism is not a disease in and of itself; it is a developmental disorder and hence, does not have a cure. All the treatments for Autism revolve around reducing the symptoms and improving development and learning. We achieve this through a variety of behavioral therapies and sensory processing techniques.

While some children grow out of the condition with therapy and respond to the social cues in much calm and enhanced manner, some children require life-long support to adapt to the environment around them. However, children that undergo occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other applied behavior analysis showcase considerable improvement in their language skills, learning abilities, and other behaviors. Children with autism can do much better with timely intervention. Call our autism treatment center today to know about treatment approaches for Autism.

Benefits of occupational therapy for autism

Autistic children and adults often experience trouble with communication and social interaction. Occupational therapy helps in reducing negative behaviors and in reinforcing positive behaviors in those with Autism. Our occupational therapists impart necessary skills required for safe and independent living in the environment around them.

Furthermore, occupational therapy helps in improving development and learning. Children that undergo occupational therapy show considerable improvement in behavior, social interaction, and classroom performance. During this therapy, one of our occupational therapists will work with your child on:

  • Improving their span of attention and stamina
  • Ability to transition to new activities without getting upset
  • Improve play skills
  • Improve social interactions
  • Improve response to cues like touch, light, and other stimuli
  • Improve motor skills
  • Reduce behaviors of aggression and adamance

Our occupational therapists can improve the quality of your child’s life at home and school. At Awakenings Treatment Center, we use a customized treatment approach to address the unique needs of each child and to attain improvement. We are the #1 autism treatment center with a highly skilled staff team. Call us to schedule an appointment.