Are you looking for a bipolar rehab treatment center? At Awakenings Treatment Center, we offer an intensive outpatient program that plays an effective role in treating all mental disorders and illnesses, including bipolar disorder. For help with mood swings, paranoia and other concerning symptoms, get in touch with us today.

How Is Bipolar disorder diagnosed?

Your psychiatrist may use a variety of methods to evaluate your condition. If he thinks that you may be suffering from bipolar disorder, he may conduct a physical exam and run a couple of lab tests. This is to check if you have any medical conditions which may or may not be the cause of your mental health problem. He will also conduct a psychiatric assessment during which he will question you on your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. You may have to fill out a couple of questionnaires to help the doctor arrive at a precise diagnosis.

Your doctor may also talk to your family for a better understanding of your symptoms and your condition. Lastly, your doctor may ask you to make a note of your moods, sleeping pattern, meal times, day-to-day activities, and other factors daily. These will help him come to a proper conclusion fast. Visit our bipolar rehab for holistic healing.

When should I seek help for bipolar disorder?

If you persistently experience extreme mood swings that disrupts your everyday activities and the lives of people around you, you must seek help from an experienced psychiatrist. Most patients with bipolar disorder experience feelings of euphoria and highly productive cycles, causing them to believe that they are excellent. However, an emotional crash often follows these cycles causing feelings of depression, restlessness, and anxiety.

If you feel symptoms of anxiety, depression, or mania; call us for help immediately. Our experienced team of clinical staff and psychiatrists can help you control your symptoms within a matter of weeks.

Measures that help to overcome bipolar disorder

There are a couple of home remedies and lifestyle alteration that you can make to reduce the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Practice healthy living and quit unhealthy habits such as drinking and usage of recreational drugs. Be around people who wish you well and make sure to get rid of emotionally strenuous relationships. Surround yourself with family, friends, and those who love you for a strong support system.

Adopt a healthy routine in terms of sleeping patterns, mealtimes, and physical activity to avoid mood swings. Eat healthily and pick up a new hobby to creatively channel your thoughts and to keep you occupied. Follow a healthy diet and attend support groups regularly to stay focused. We also recommend getting regular therapy from a skilled psychiatrist for quick and holistic recovery from the condition. Call us today for appointments with our leading psychiatrist.

We offer affordable bipolar rehab at Awakenings Treatment Center. Visit our clinic for a psychiatric assessment and physical exam, based on which our therapists can help you with a treatment plan. Do not let the disorder engulf you, seek help immediately.