celebrating NYE

5 Things to Do on NYE Instead of Drinking

It’s a common perception that New Year’s Eve goes hand-in-hand with drinking. While some people do choose to drink alcohol on this holiday, many people choose to stay sober. They use this evening to catch up with friends, attend a NYE event or enjoy a getaway at a lake or cabin. 

If this is one of your first NYEs being sober, you may be wondering what you can do to enjoy yourself. Below we share some of our favorite ideas for ringing in the New Year - and none of them are boring! 

  1. Host Your Own NYE Party 

Hosting a party requires a lot of time and energy. If you’re worried about getting through NYE, you can funnel this energy into planning an event of your own. Send out invitations, plan what you’re going to serve, do the grocery shopping and cooking, etc. Invite people from your 12-step group as well as friends and family who don’t drink. You can start this new tradition and take part in all the hype of NYE.

  1. Attend an Alco-thon or Narco-thon 

If you don’t want the pressure or expense of hosting your own party, consider attending an Alco-thon or Narco-thon. These AA- or NA-hosted marathons are held on certain holidays, including New Year’s Eve. They last mostly all day so that people in recovery have a safe place to go. A lot of times, a meal and other activities are included, so check with your local AA and NA groups for times and places. 

  1. Plan a Destination Celebration 

Some people in recovery find that it’s easier to get away from the temptation of the holidays. Would you prefer to be lounging in a swimming pool someplace warm? Or perhaps a weekend camping in the mountains is more your taste. Leaving your regular environment can make it easier to stay sober, and by the time you return, all the hype of NYE will be over. 

  1. Host a Game Night 

The cool thing about hosting a game night is that you can make it as laid-back, silly or competitive as you want. For instance, Blank Slate is a fun party game where you try to predict what other people are thinking. Awkward Moment is silly and embarrassing, and Cards Against Humanity is offensive and risque. There are games for every personality and group of friends! 

  1. Throw a Mocktail Party 

Sometimes, just the idea of having different drinks to try is what makes cocktails so appealing. By throwing a mocktail party, you can serve a number of fun drinks. Find recipes online or ask your guests to bring their favorite. The best part about making your own mocktails is that you know exactly what’s going in them. Cut back on sugar and add fresh fruit for healthier alternatives. 

Even though you may be feeling left out of this year’s NYE festivities, remember how far you’ve come in your recovery. You have so much to look forward to in 2020, and it's all because you made the choice to get sober. So, throw yourself a party that has all the goods - games, music, mocktails and friends and family. You deserve it!