Awakenings Treatment Center Offers Diagnosis, Intensive Care for Asperger’s Syndrome

Awakenings Treatment Center provides a unique intensive individualized treatment for Asperger’s syndrome.

AGOURA HILLS, California – Awakenings Treatment Center is known primarily for its outpatient treatment of addiction, eating disorders and chronic pain, but it also is recognized for its success in addressing a host of interrelated conditions that are common among its clients.

One such condition that does not get enough attention is Asperger’s syndrome. A milder form of autism, Asperger’s is a common syndrome that falls under the broader term of autism spectrum disorder.

Generally manifesting in people of high intelligence, narrow interests, and impaired social skills, Asperger’s often goes hand in glove with Awakenings clients who are coping with the inherent stress of their physical disorders, which can make them withdraw.

“We see Asperger’s regularly among our clients,” said Dr. Shari Corbitt, founder, and CEO of Awakenings, “but unlike, say, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), it’s not overdiagnosed. It’s grossly underdiagnosed, so we are looking for it.”

Once Asperger’s has been identified, Awakenings provides intensive individualized treatment. Its multidisciplinary approach combines specific social skills training, individual and group support and an array of neuroscientific treatment that strategically addresses discomfort in social situations and difficulties perceiving social cues.

The program also includes weekly family therapy as well as a monthly Awakenings Family Intensive Day, to provide support and education for clients’ family members and loved ones. In addition, Awakenings staff members consult with autism support organizations as needed, including Autism Speaks, the Autism Society of America and the National Autism Association.

“We do everything in our power to help our clients better understand this disorder and pathways for effective treatment,” Corbitt said.

A licensed psychologist renowned in the areas of addiction, eating disorders and chronic pain relief, Corbitt founded Awakenings Treatment Center in 2011. Under Corbitt’s leadership and through her vision, Awakenings has grown in a decade into a sprawling, 13,000-square-foot state-of-the-art intensive outpatient care facility spanning most of the second story of a large office building in Agoura Hills.

A “Dr. Phil”-preferred facility, Awakenings Treatment Center is among the premier addiction treatment centers in Southern California. It uses a holistic approach including alternative therapies such as breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness as well as the latest in neurofeedback, Alpha-Stim, and movement therapy.

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