Dr. Phil and Dr. Manion

Awakenings News: New Therapist and the Dr. Phil Show

Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, better known as “Dr. Phil,” has over 25 years in psychology, sociology and observation. He is one of the most well-known and trusted mental health professionals in the world, which is why everyday people with compelling stories continue to trust him for themselves and their loved ones. 

During the past 17 seasons, a number of mental health treatment programs have provided therapy to guests on the show. Awakenings Treatment Center is proud to be one of the latest outpatient mental health facilities. You can find us listed on the Treatment Resources page on Dr. Phil’s website. 

Furthermore, Dr. Deena Manion, Psy.D, LCSW, a regular on the Dr. Phil show, is a new therapist at Awakenings. Dr. Manion works with people who have substance abuse, trauma and mental health issues. She follows a holistic approach that encompasses long lasting change and healing. This fits perfectly into the Awakenings philosophy, as we believe that a full recovery depends on a person’s physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. 

As we look forward to this new chapter in our journey, we’d like to share more with you about our dual diagnosis rehab in California, the types of conditions we treat and our approach to healing. But first, we’d like to introduce you to our new therapist, Dr. Deena Manion. 

Meet Awakenings Newest Team Member: Dr. Deena Manion 

Dr. Manion has been a regular expert on the Dr. Phil Show for over 16 years. She has also appeared on other television shows, such as Intervention on A&E and Face the Truth with Vivica Fox. If you’ve ever had the privilege to watch Dr. Manion in action, you can’t deny her passion for helping others. 

While Dr. Manion is incredibly understanding, supportive and empathetic, she also knows how important it is for people in recovery to take responsibility. After working in this industry for many years, Dr. Manion has a wide range of tools and resources to help those with substance abuse, trauma or mental illness. 

With this in mind, here are the therapies that Dr. Manion uses most: 

  • Coaching
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Family systems 
  • Integrative 
  • Positive psychology 
  • Psychodynamic 
  • Structural family therapy 
  • Trauma focused 

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Working with the Dr. Phil Show 

The Dr. Phil Show has been a top-rated daytime talk show for the last 7 years. It has received 29 Emmy nominations and five PRISM Awards for the accurate depiction of substance abuse. The show also won a MADD Media Award and was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame in 2015. 

Aside from Dr. Phil’s accomplishments on screen, he and his wife Robin work tirelessly behind the scenes. In 2003, the Dr. Phil Foundation was established. This nonprofit charitable organization funds projects for disadvantaged children and families. The couple also supports a number of charitable organizations, including CASA. 

With a clear passion for helping others, it’s no wonder why so many families in turmoil turn to Dr. Phil and his resources. Since the show’s inception, Dr. Phil has provided over $32 million in aftercare services for his guests. He ensures all information on his show comes from evidence-based research and treatment options. 

Awakenings is proud to be a resource for Dr. Phil, Dr. Manion and their many clients. 

The Awakenings Difference: More than Addiction Treatment 

Awakenings Treatment Center was established in 2010 by Dr. Shari Corbitt. Our neuroscience-based treatment program provides care to those with substance abuse and mental illness. Additionally, we help individuals struggling with relationship challenges, parenting concerns and life adjustment issues. We believe that when people have the appropriate support around them, they can flourish in their lives. We intend to be this support. 

Below are the types of health conditions we work with: 

  • Mental health conditions
  • Substance use disorders 
  • Dual diagnosis 
  • Chronic pain conditions 
  • Autoimmune diseases 
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) 
  • Eating disorders 
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) 
  • Asperger’s Syndrome

Comprehensive Treatment with a Focus on the Neurosciences

Awakenings accepts clients in all stages of their recoveries. Some people are just starting out, while others require support as they transition into their everyday lives. To ensure each person receives highly individualized care, we start with an in-depth clinical assessment and treatment plan. Each client is also assigned a primary therapist, case manager and aftercare plan. 

A focus on the neurosciences allows our therapists to have a unique understanding of substance abuse, trauma and mental illness. We realize there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each person is unique, and their brain needs time to heal from the trauma they’ve been through. This is why each person is celebrated at Awakenings, as each journey is truly special. 

Additionally, our approach to healing is focused on the mind, body and spirit. We firmly believe that all parts must be in balance before complete healing can be achieved. For instance, a person in good physical health will not feel well if they’ve suffered emotional trauma. On the other hand, a person with good mental health may ultimately break down from the stress of living in chronic physical pain. 

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Science-Based Therapies Offered at Awakenings 

Awakenings is committed to comprehensive treatment that includes intensive individual, group and family therapy. Our goal is to promote sustainable, long-lasting changes. Below are some of our science-based treatments and therapies that may be included in a client’s treatment plan. 

  • Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback treatment is a proven brain retraining method that reduces stress and facilitates the brain’s ability to learn new information. With repeated brain training sessions, the normal functioning and balance of the reward system can be restored. 
  • Alpha-Stim. Alpha-Stim is an FDA-approved device that increases feel-good endorphins in the brain. It also reduces nervous overthinking that accompanies cravings and obsessions. 
  • Hemi-Sync. Hemi-Sync is a therapeutic treatment that uses various sound frequencies to enhance physical, mental and emotional states. This helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms, including hopelessness and helplessness. 

These three therapies are included in our treatment services, allowing all clients to take advantage of them. Also, the following are included with our standard services: 

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Interpersonal process group therapy
  • Experiential trauma resolution
  • Interactive DBT skills training 
  • Art therapy
  • Daily meals 
  • 12 step facilitation groups 
  • Therapeutic outings

Concierge Services Also Available 

To ensure all client needs are met, Awakenings also offers a wide range of concierge services that can be added to any treatment plan. These services can be helpful in managing drug cravings, reducing anxiety and promoting good physical and mental health. Some of our clients continue to use these therapies long after treatment to manage stress and anxiety. 

Concierge services offered at our drug rehab in Agoura Hills are: 

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic care 
  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy 
  • Qigong 
  • Reiki
  • Shiatsu
  • EMDR 
  • Dietician sessions 

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Start Your Recovery Journey Today 

Whether you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, unresolved trauma, mental illness, chronic pain or something else, Awakenings can help. We are a comprehensive treatment center that offers support and healing for the mind, body and spirit. Many of our clients use our services at different times in their lives, such as when they need a strong support system or are facing temptation. 

Also, be sure to listen for a mention of us from Dr. Deena Manion or the Dr. Phil Show! We look forward to having some inspiring recovery stories to share with you in the near future. To start your recovery, contact us today for an assessment.