Awakenings Treatment Center's Dr. Shari Corbitt is set to head an all new Detoxification Program as of September 1, 2020.

Dr. Shari Corbitt to head Awakenings Treatment Center’s new detoxification program

Shari Corbitt launches Awakenings Treatment Center Detoxification Program, September 1AGOURA HILLS, California – Renowned clinical psychologist and addiction specialist, Dr. Shari Corbitt, will head the Awakenings Treatment Center's new state-of-the-art detoxification program which is now set to open on October 1, 2020.

The new Awakenings Detoxification (Detox) Program will offer patients a safe and supportive recovery from alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines in a luxurious, private setting.

Patients will be housed on the 13,000 square-foot campus of the Awakenings Treatment Center in Old Agoura Hills, California and receive 24/7 daily care by licensed medical doctors, nurses, doctoral-level psychologists, and holistic healthcare practitioners

A licensed psychologist in the state of California, Dr. Corbitt has spent almost two decades providing treatment and therapy to diverse populations across the Southwest. Dr. Corbitt founded the Awakening Treatment Center in 2010, which offers cutting-edge, intensive outpatient healing from chronic pain medication addiction, mental health disorders, eating disorders, trauma, and PTSD.

Dr. Corbitt holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Yeshiva University in New York. Before founding Awakenings Treatment Center, she worked as Director of Human Services on the Rincon Indian Reservation in Pauma Valley, Calif., as the Clinical Director at Sierra Tucson in Tucson, Ariz., and as Vice President of Promises Treatment Centers in Malibu.

Awakenings Treatment Center's detoxification program will allow Dr. Corbitt and her staff to care for patients in the critical first stages of addiction recovery. Medical detoxification requires controlled administration of medications to soothe the physical symptoms of withdrawal and prevent potentially life-threatening withdrawal effects. The program is licensed by California's Department of Health Care Services, and certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, ensuring it meets the highest standards of comfort, safety, and sophistication.

"I'm proud and delighted to lead this new program at Awakenings Treatment Center," Dr. Corbitt said. "We're looking forward to providing our patients with the very best treatment and care right from the start of their recovery journey."

Medical detoxification typically takes three to 10 days on average, depending on the specific drug or drugs a person has abused and the duration of use. Awakenings Detox clients will receive an individualized treatment schedule and timeframe based on their needs. Once the drugs are successfully purged from their bodies, clients will be eligible to move on to the rehabilitation stage of addiction recovery at the Awakenings Treatment Center, where they can receive support for the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction and ensure a sustainable, long-term recovery.

Awakenings Treatment Center is located at 28720 Roadside Drive, Suite 200, in Agoura Hills. For information on admissions, call 855-717-3268 or visit