How to Enjoy a Sober Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day is right around the corner. You may be feeling some anxiety as you approach this weekend because of the parties, picnics and barbecues unfolding all around you. The first year in recovery is usually hardest, and it can be especially difficult during times when drinking is encouraged.

Now that you have completed drug rehab in Agoura Hills, you may notice that the festivities surrounding Memorial Day have nothing to do with the true meaning of the day. So, instead of getting lost in the festivities this year, you can learn about the true purpose of Memorial Day and take time to celebrate our fallen heroes.

Here are some ways to celebrate a healthy, sober Memorial Day.

Celebrate the True Meaning

Memorial Day is a day to remember Americans who have served our country. It may seem like everyone around you is drinking and partying, but this is only what is seen on the surface. All over the country, people are celebrating our fallen veterans and US Armed Forces. Here are some of the ways you can do this, too.

  • Place flags and flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes
  • Fly the American flag at half-staff until noon
  • Attend a religious service of your choice
  • Participate in the National Moment of Remembrance at 3pm local time
  • Donate used clothing and household goods (schedule a pickup at
  • Write letters to veterans through Operation Gratitude

Plan Your Own Party

Just because you are in recovery doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Most people are very vulnerable in their first year of recovery, so you should not put yourself in situations where drugs and alcohol may show up. The good news is that you can throw your own party and have control over the food and drinks you serve, the people you invite and your activities. Planning and hosting a party will distract you from drinking, too.

Create a New Tradition

By starting a new tradition, you can change your perspective on what Memorial Day is. Instead of associating this summer holiday with drinking, you can associate it with new things. Ideas include attending a religious ceremony, going to a local parade or volunteering your time at a VA hospital. Plus, helping others gives you a sense of purpose and satisfaction, which is great for your recovery.

Enjoy a Getaway

If there is too much temptation around you, it may be best to plan a mini vacation. The new scenery can take your mind off things. Invite a few of your trusted friends or family to join you, or sign up for a spiritual retreat on your own. Not only will you be removing yourself from tempting situations, but also you can spend the weekend nourishing yourself and your recovery.

Attend Your Support Groups

Your support groups are there for you when you need them. Some people find that during stressful times, such as the holidays, they need to increase the number of meetings they attend. It’s important to know that you are not alone in your journey. In fact, the members in your group may have tips and ideas on how to get through the summer holidays sober and happy.

Give yourself some extra attention this Memorial Day weekend – you deserve it! If you feel that you need additional support, contact Awakenings Treatment Center to learn more about our flexible outpatient drug rehab in Agoura.