5 Ways to Love Yourself after Addiction Treatment

Loving ourselves is something that we must work hard on each and every day. This is especially true in recovery, after addiction treatment.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

This quote from Lucille Ball speaks volumes, as there is nothing more powerful than loving yourself unconditionally. For some of us, unfortunately, this doesn’t come naturally. 

For recovering addicts, this process is even more difficult because you have a painful past. You may have hurt others. Others may have hurt you. In order to move forward, you will need to forgive yourself and forgive others. As you move through the 12 steps, you can begin to let things go and focus on a new and sober life with a person that you enjoy being connected to – YOU.

Learning to love yourself after addiction treatment is a process that does not happen overnight. Below we share some of the best ways to practice self-love.

1. Get to Know Your Inner Self

Through meditation and self-reflection, you can experience some quiet in your day. Use this time to collect your thoughts and be aware of your emotions. By meditating, you can go beyond your mind and all the things it may be telling you and reach a state of pure happiness and bliss. Just a few minutes of practice each day will get you more comfortable with your spirituality.

2. Release Past Trauma

In order to heal, you must release inner obstacles, such as past trauma and mistakes. It is healthier to confront the things that are eating you up inside and release them rather than harboring guilt, insecurity, and anxiety. Some of the best ways to work through your struggles are through talk therapy, neurofeedback treatment, support groups, and mind-body programs.

3. Forgive Your Past in Addiction Treatment

Forgiveness is important, but it’s not something to rush into. You must first accept that you are doing the best you can with the circumstances you have been given. When you are ready to forgive yourself and others, it’s a conscious, internal decision that you are making as part of the healing process. Forgiveness is not to excuse the behavior, but to be freed from the attached emotions.

4. Accept Where You are Today

Be at peace with where you are today. Live in the moment – not the past or the future. Even though the present moment isn’t free of pain, stress, and worry, you can appreciate what sits in front of you today. There were days when you probably didn’t think you would make it this far. If a bad memory rises, tell yourself that you are not that person anymore.

5. Form Healthy Relationships 

Choose to be in healthy relationships where you are loved and valued. If you enter unhealthy relationships, you may begin to think negatively about yourself again. If your immediate support network is lacking, build new connections with those in your 12-step groups. Volunteering is also an effective way to meet people with a shared passion while finding your purpose in life.

Learning to love yourself in recovery is a process that you can’t force. What you must remember is that you are an important part of the universe and your relationship with yourself comes before everything else.

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