More People Are Finding Awakenings Treatment Center, Thanks to ‘Dr. Phil’

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Perhaps predictably, since it became an official “Dr. Phil-preferred facility,” the Awakenings Treatment Center has greatly broadened its outreach to those in need of its vital services.

The Importance of Being a Dr. Phil-Preferred Treatment Facility

“Since we’ve been on the ‘Dr. Phil’ show, the calls, and admissions from all over the country have picked up significantly,” said Dr. Shari Corbitt, founder, and CEO of Awakenings Treatment Center, an intensive outpatient care facility that treats people with addictions, eating disorders, chronic pain, and other interrelated conditions.

“With Dr. Phil recommending us on his show, it’s bringing greater awareness in general to the neuroscientific treatment that’s available for addiction, chronic pain, autism, PTSD and other issues,” Corbitt said. “His endorsement of Awakenings Treatment Center is such an incredible boost, to those people struggling out there in their deep need and to us, who are here to help them.”

Through the “Dr. Phil” affiliation, Corbitt said, “we’ve been able to help people in the middle of Idaho and in Maryland and in south Florida, just to name a few, who more than likely would not have found us otherwise.”

Goals in Alignment

The paths of Awakenings Treatment Center and Dr. Phillip McGraw, the noted TV personality and author crossed thanks to Dr. Deena Manion. A longtime on-air contributor to McGraw’s popular “Dr. Phil” TV talk show, Manion joined the staff of Awakenings Treatment Center last year as its clinical coordinator and began mentioning the Agoura Hills facility and its landmark work on the air with Dr. Phil. In addition, the “Dr. Phil” website lists Awakenings among its preferred facilities, on its treatment resources page.

Beyond the notoriety associated with “Dr. Phil,” McGraw’s knowledge and compassion make Corbitt most appreciative of his support. “Dr. Phil ensures that the right person gets to the right facility, so he’s highly strategic in his referral choices,” she said.

Corbitt also credits Manion for her efforts: “Dr. Deena’s critical expertise combined with her presence here and on the show is fundamentally what allows us to partner with Dr. Phil, so we’re all working together toward the same goal,” Corbitt said. “For all these things, we are so grateful.”

About Awakenings Treatment Center

Awakenings Treatment Center is among the premier addiction treatment centers in Southern California, offering a holistic approach to healing that includes alternative therapies such as breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness as well as the latest in neurofeedback, Alpha-Stim, and movement therapy. A 13,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility, it wends through a full floor of a spacious office building, in a labyrinth of warm, soothing treatment rooms that are individualized to aid each client’s needs and a path to healing.

Awakenings Treatment Center is located at 28632 Roadside Drive, Suite 210, in Agoura Hills. For information on admissions, call 855-717-3268 or visit