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Our Favorite Sobriety Apps that are Worth Downloading

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Technology can be a huge asset to the addiction recovery process. You can join an online support group, Facetime your sponsor or read inspirational quotes and stories. Another benefit to technology is the many apps that are available to boost recovery and prevent relapse. Most of them are free and can be downloaded directly to your mobile device.

There are many great apps available, but we share our favorite ones below. Hopefully, you will find a few that you like, too!

Sober Grid, Price: Free, Available on iOS and Android

Sober Grid is the world’s most popular mobile sober community. You can use the app to create online profiles that allow you to interact with others in recovery. Also included with the app is a check-in feature that lets you anonymously post whether or not you are sober, your mood and what’s going on. If you want to find local people nearby, simply turn on the GPS feature. We also love the daily quests and badges you can earn by meeting your sobriety goals.

WEconnect, Price: Free, Available on iOS and Android

WEconnect is an excellent relapse prevention tool. According to the website, WEconnect was developed by a team of data scientists and treatment experts and shows a 50% improvement in abstinence compared to traditional treatment methods. The app sends daily reminders to help you stay on track with your goals, go to 12-step meetings and participate in healthy activities.

12 Steps AA Companion, Price: $2.99 on iOS/$1.99 on Android

The 12 steps provide structure as you go through the recovery process. For added support, the 12 Steps AA Companion app is a great tool. It includes a Big Book reader so that you may highlight text and read on the go. The app also features prayers, personal stories and a sobriety tracker.

Nomo, Price: Free, Available on iOS and Android

Nomo is a simple but powerful recovery app that was developed by a person in recovery. The key feature of this app is a sobriety clock that shows how long you’ve been sober. Not only that, but the app breaks down other things you’ve saved, such as time, money and calories (for alcohol drinkers). You can collect milestones, share your clock with others and more.

SoberTool, Price: Free, Available on iOS and Android

SoberTool is designed for people recovering from alcohol addiction. It was created by a licensed and certified drug and alcohol counselor from Harvard, with a focus on supporting long-term recovery. The app lets you track how many days you’ve been sober and how much money you’ve saved by not buying alcohol. It also sends motivational messages and reminders, as well provides personalized tips based on your responses to certain questions.

Since most of these apps are free, you can play around with them to get a feel for which ones you like. Whenever you are feeling down or discouraged, you can find support in the palm of your hand.