Awakenings Treatment Center Partners with Dr. Deena Manion

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AGOURA HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2019

Awakenings Treatment Center has partnered with renowned therapist Dr. Deena Manion, a regular guest therapist for the Dr. Phil Show, in a shared goal of providing the most robust care available to individuals with co-occurring disorders.

Dr. Deena Manion and Awakenings founder Dr. Shari Corbitt both are doctors of psychology with long histories of complex client-based care for individuals struggling with primary mental health challenges, chronic pain, eating disorders and/or addictions.

Human challenges are interconnected

Both Manion and Corbitt share a core belief that many of these human challenges are interconnected. Both have succeeded over the years in helping to heal thousands in the process of arriving at the tops of their fields.

A therapist since 1993 and now a highly regarded doctor of psychology and licensed clinical social worker, Manion appears often on TV talk shows including as a frequent contributor, as clinical expert and treatment coordinator, on the popular syndicated "Dr. Phil" show, hosted by Dr. Phillip C. McGraw.

A regular on the show for 15 of its 18 years, Manion said she's moved by how much McGraw "genuinely cares about his guests' well-being and truly wants results, which is why he works to get them into the best treatment centers around the country."

Guiding those in need of help to Awakenings Treatment Center

With McGraw's blessing, Manion is now guiding guests on "Dr. Phil" to Awakenings Treatment Center, where she works with clients in the co-occurring disorders track.

Awakenings Treatment Center, under Dr. Corbitt's leadership, has grown in a decade from a dream to a sprawling, 13,000-square-foot state-of-the-art intensive outpatient care facility spanning most of the second story of a large office building in Agoura Hills.

Within its walls is a labyrinth of warmly lighted, serene and inviting rooms upon rooms carefully crafted to meet the individual needs of clients and to guide their paths to healing. Awakenings uses a holistic approach including alternative therapies such as breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness as well as the latest in neurofeedback.

Clients Flourish and Find Hope

It's the perfect place for her clients, Manion said. "I think with the world that we're living in today, which has found its shady places, to align with a place that has the right mission and goals, which are client-driven and not financially or insurance-driven, is really, honestly, unfortunately rare," Manion said. "When you find it, it's wonderful. Shari is the real deal, and I know that exactly what they say they do is what they do … and so the clients are going to get better."

Manion essentially moved to Awakenings by synergy. Both she and Corbitt have worked in leadership roles at elite residential care facilities, primarily dealing with addiction, and both evolved naturally to where they could chart their own courses - toward broader individual outpatient care.

Shared Geography

Manion as a native of Greenwich, Connecticut, who once worked in White Plains, New York, literally across the street from where Corbitt also worked at the exact same time. Corbitt had also once lived in Greenwich. Upon discovering their coincidental histories when landing on the West Coast, where they both landed in the same occupation and formed a friendship over the years.

"We had these personal commonalities, and she was a friend of mine," Manion said. "Coming from my last situation, I really wanted to work more directly with clients, and to really strive for healing…I came to Awakenings and saw what they were doing because I just knew it was right."

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