Awakenings saved my life. No exaggeration.

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Review for Awakenings Treatment Center
Awakenings saved my life. No exaggeration.

Awakenings saved my life. No exaggeration. I went there depressed, scared, angry, and believing I had no where to turn. They admitted me the day after my friend found their program, and I did a short intake phone call. Shari, Peter, Brigitte, and Debbie are all gentle souls that want nothing but healing and happiness for their clients.

The cutting edge neuroscience they used (aka physical therapy for the brain) taught my brain and nervous system to relax and get out of constant fight or flight mode. Eventually, I worked on the trauma I held in since I was a child. Add some meds to that mix (from the psychiatrist located in the same building), and I am a healthy, happy, sober version of the person I always wanted to be.

Expect to feel emotions and get honest with your past…it’s the only way to heal.

Expect to be loved and nothing but sincere honesty and compassion from this place. Many of us self-medicate (be it with food, no food, alcohol, drugs, exercise, video games, etc) to not feel emotions. It is okay. There is a solution at a small oasis that offers individual treatment plans. I am back home after 3.5 months there. I am still sober with no plans to look back. I am excited everyday about waking up and living my life. How can you go wrong? Call them!

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