myths about addiction

The Top 6 Myths About Addiction Complete with Fact Checks

There are many myths about addiction. Because it is a disease that’s often misunderstood. Unfortunately, addiction carries a lot of stigma, which can be damaging and prevent people from seeking the help they need.

Here are six common myths about addiction that we should address:

Myth 1: Addiction is a choice

And with enough willpower, a person can stop.

Fact: Substance use changes the brain, making drug use compulsive.

While the initial decision to experiment may be a choice, continued use rewires the brain, leading to compulsive behavior. At this point, the person is no longer using by choice; the addiction is in control.

Myth 2: Quitting cold turkey is the best way 

To stop using drugs.

Fact: Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. Stopping drug use abruptly is unrealistic.

The brain needs time to heal, and recovery involves admitting the problem, seeking treatment, and developing healthy coping mechanisms. Recovery is a lifelong journey.

Myth 3: Best to wait until a person hits rock bottom 

Before offering help.

Fact: Intervening early leads to improved outcomes. Waiting for rock bottom may make the addiction and its consequences more severe. Early intervention allows for faster and more effective treatment.

Myth 4: Relapse happens to everyone.

Fact: Relapse is common, but not necessary. While relapse is common, it is not inevitable. It is important to stay positive, but if it occurs, it is an opportunity to learn and address triggers.

Myth 5: Inpatient treatment is enough 

To break the cycle of abuse.

Fact: One stay in treatment is usually not enough. Many people require multiple stays in rehab, and some may benefit from outpatient treatment as they transition to a new life.

Myth 6: Addicts need harsher punishments.

Fact: Punishment is not effective.

Communication and empathy work best. Addiction does not respond to shaming or blaming. The best approach is to reinforce positive behaviors, engage in healthy activities, and show empathy and compassion.

Don’t let misconceptions and myths about addiction stop you or a loved one from seeking help. Treatment is available for all stages of addiction at Awakenings Treatment Center. Contact us today to learn more.