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Whether you are a person of faith or not, our Christian recovery center will turn your life around all the same. At Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, we have created a unique rehab treatment that uses faith in God and the Christian values as the foundation to recovery and personal transformation.

How to cure addiction?

There is no medical cure to addiction, since it is a chronic disease, functioning based on compulsive behavior. You can’t take a pill that would prevent you from drinking again for years to follow, unfortunately. However, we believe in a different type of cure – a spiritual one.

To cure your addiction for good, you must be ready to embrace the Christian values and begin living your life according to the words of Christ himself. Avoiding the relapse is your responsibility in the face of your future self, your family, and God and, with our guidance and support, you will be successful.

Why do people relapse?

Many factors may influence the relapse, but there is one that lies at the foundation of them all – the lack of self-knowledge. People lose their way in life because they don’t know who they are and what they’re looking to achieve in the future. They resort to drugs or alcohol to drown their sorrows, fears, and desperation of being unable to discover their true identity.

We will make sure you will not follow the same path. We offer you one of the most outstanding and unique rehab treatments that value the Christian teachings as the foundation a life of freedom, happiness, and personal fulfillment. To prevent the long-term relapse, we offer:

  • Family multi-therapy and counseling
  • Individual and group activities
  • Lifestyle assessment and improvement
  • Extensive moral and spiritual transformation
  • Emotional and spiritual therapy
  • Relapse prevention and personal development education, etc.

The path to recovery

When dealing with substance addiction, the journey to recovery will require commitment, hope, and a lot of faith. You cannot walk on this path alone, as you will need the moral and spiritual support of both your family and your Savior. Our Christian recovery program helps people like you rediscover their true meaning in life and find the strength they need to move on and never look back.

We know you might feel desperate, hopeless, and broken, but we are here to tell you that there is another way. You can defeat addiction, so long as you remain collected, and start making the right decisions for you and the people you love. Contact us for information about recovery and insurance, and we will gladly take your case!

Leaving addiction behind

At our Christian recovery center, we offer a rehab system that has never failed us. Those who join our program receive high-end medical assistance, mental and emotional support, spiritual healing, and continuous aftercare support. We save not only people’s lives but their souls as well.

Contact our team, at Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, and choose your path in life wisely! You have the key to your own salvation – you only need to use it!

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