Although COVID has overtaken our lives in so many ways, addicts and their loved ones need to know that rehabs are still open, and you can still get the help you need today! There is a connection between COVID and alcohol addiction in Agoura Hills on a few levels. If COVID and alcohol abuse has impacted you or someone you know, then it is time to seek specialty addiction treatment.

The Impact Of COVID 19 On Addiction

While the pandemic is causing our society to evolve and change constantly, rehabilitation remains the same. Whether you are seeking treatment for abuse of alcohol and treatment for COVID depression, there is help out there for you. The virus is always on everyone’s mind, but drug and alcohol abuse still leads to overdose and destroys lives and families.

Substance Abuse During The Pandemic

Did you know that overdose and drug and alcohol-related deaths have hit record highs during the pandemic? Just in 2020 alone, drug overdose deaths across the United States reached over 90,000.

Know the connection between COVID and alcohol addiction in Agoura Hills:

The impact of the pandemic can become a unique relapse trigger for anyone who has ever struggled with a substance abuse disorder in the past, as well as someone who may start using and form a new addiction. Depression and anxiety from COVID 19 hit an all-time high during the pandemic, which can often become underlying issues that bring addiction to the surface.

In May 2021 shows that roughly a third of the people who drink alcohol boosted their consumption throughout the pandemic. This same study noted that drug use also increased at a very similar rate. With the increase in alcohol and substance abuse and the higher overdose death rates, finding quality treatment for substance use and abuse disorders is more important now than ever before.

Finding The Treatment You Need

Rehab to treat alcohol or drug addiction is considered an essential service, even when the pandemic is still wreaking havoc on our lives. The risks of alcohol and drugs poisoning their lives are more dangerous than the risk of Coronavirus, so addiction treatment is imperative. When looking for the treatment you need, it will benefit you most to work with a center that offers individualized care. No two patients are alike in their addiction journey, so you want a tailored plan that meets your needs and other health conditions or co-occurring disorders.

Awakenings Treatment Center Can Help!

Here at Awakenings Treatment Center, we understand the connection between COVID and alcohol addiction in Agoura Hills. We work with patients to bring them total recovery in body, mind, and spirit, so they have the tools and support necessary to move into a life of health, wellness, and sobriety. Do you have questions about treatment and whether or not our facility is right for you? Give us a call at (855) 717-3268, and a member of our team will be happy to address your concerns. Click here if you would like to verify your insurance online to get started.

Covid And Alcohol Addiction Agoura Hills