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Drug Rehab NJ

There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty when it comes to drug rehabilitation and treatment and what to expect when you get there. This can lead to fear and hesitation for patients who seek professional help from drug rehabilitation centers. At drug rehab in NJ, you will be guided as to how and why living a healthy life is essential. Our team consists of certified professionals who will listen to you and explain each and every step, simplify every treatment, and will guide you throughout your healing process.

The first thing you can expect when you make a call to a treatment center is a friendly voice. They are prepared to assess your situation, no matter what condition you are currently in.  You will be asked some questions to determine your history of substance use, your current overall health, and the available resources that you have. This information will be used to help place you in the best program available to ensure your successful journey to recovery. It is most important to answer these intake questions honestly.

The treatment you will receive will be most effective if your treatment plan is based on the truth about you. Also, there are some possible complications during a detox of certain substances. Your treatment team needs to be prepared. It is essential that the facility knows all the substances that you have been using. This is typically followed by a psychological assessment by a team of professionals.

3 Phases of Drug Rehab in NJ

Detox. In detox, you will enter a medical facility where you will be supervised and taken care of while your body goes through its first round of changes. When you arrive at detox, the doctors and nurses will make sure that you get the rest, sleep and medication that you need to get through this initial phase. Their job is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while making sure that the detox process does not threaten your body.

  • Rehabilitation. For most people, drug and substance rehabilitation may take 30 to 90 days. For the rehabilitation phase, you can choose to go to a residential program where you live there and undergo the treatment at the same time. Or you may opt to go to a sober living facility and do a day program. Both methods are equally effective.

At the beginning of your drug rehabilitation program, you will need a high level of supervision and structure. You want to spend as many hours possible in therapy sessions and positive healing activities. As you progress, you will gain more and more of the skills and the tools you need to live a drug and alcohol-free life. As time help you heal, you will gain more confidence and realize that you can now re-enter the outside world.

  • In maintenance, you may want to continue the good habits that you have developed during your treatment. This means you are to attend some meeting every week or continue therapy to maintain these habits.

Upon arrival at the facility, you are typically set with a case manager. At Renewal Recovery Solutions, NJ will place you with a customized treatment plan designed specifically for you. This is very important, as no two individuals are alike, and it is essential to have a plan individually designed for your successful recovery.

Drug Rehab NJ