Most times, when we eat, we’re doing so under the compulsion of hunger, which is ideal for the body. But we may eat when we don’t feel hungry; it could be the tiny temptation of your favorite tacos or night cookies. You may eat them because of excitement, to celebrate a moment, or to escape from some unexplainable emotional emptiness.

When you consistently eat within these unusual impulses over a long time, you’re not eating healthy. You may have an eating disorder and to seek eating disorder treatment. Eating disorders refer to a group of emotional or psychological patterns that interfere with eating healthily.

Possible Risks and Dangers

You may start to eat too much or too little or overeat a particular type of food, lacking the necessary nutrients, which leads to underweight or overweight issues. You could also find yourself helplessly eating late at night because that’s when you feel hungry most or at all. The physical symptoms may worsen the underlying psychological issues that formed the habit in the first place.

Although they’re all rooted in psychological dysfunction, eating disorders vary in their causes, risks, and treatment. There’s a risk of death in the worst cases like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and pica. Are you considering an eating disorder recovery? Here’s an overview of our eating disorder treatment.

Our Treatment Method

At Awakening Treatment Center, we offer the best approach to overcoming a wide range of disorders, whether they’re sleep-related eating disorder (SRED) or other significant disorders like binge eating, emotional eating, and compulsive overeating, or stress-eating.

We provide perfect answers and the finest solutions to simple questions like: can you have an eating disorder and not realize, to complex ones like what is the treatment for orthorexia, how is Afrid treated, and so on. Providing answers to these questions may not be easy or even give you the ultimate help you need.

Specialized Programming

We understand that physical improvement is essential to mental improvement. Hence, we provide specialized treatment focused on managing physical symptoms such as excessive weight loss or gain, low blood pressure, fatigue, and irregular heart rhythm. Etc. We also address the complications associated with the underlying mental health issues.

Support System

The process of treating eating disorders is similar to drug rehabilitation. Without the right support, the individual may struggle with overcoming their obsession, binging, or the false relief they get from eating food excessively, especially in emotional eating. Such individuals may need to address the emotional issues alongside their eating disorder.

We offer a broad spectrum of complementary, evidence-based services that address eating disorders and simultaneously treat conditions such as depression, trauma, obsessive-compulsive anxiety, chronic pain, or addiction. We emphasize activities around eating appropriate portions of balanced meals at regular intervals. We also offer psychological boosters such as:

  • Therapeutic restaurant outings and grocery shopping trips;
  • Daily process groups with an expert;
  • Daily group meeting with a certified physical trainer who specializes in mental health, disordered eating, and chronic pain;
  • Daily BrainPaint Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback);
  • Individual Therapy;
  • Deep relaxation & stress reduction with cranial electrical stimulation, etc.

Our ultimate drive is to get you all the help you need while ensuring you’re very comfortable throughout this process. Contact Awakenings Treatment Center for the total recovery of mind, body, and spirit: 855-717-3268.