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Did you know that usage of heroin can slow your heart rate, and an overdose of this dangerous substance can cause instant death? We provide a highly effective heroin detox in Newport Beach at Akua Mind & Body. 

Addiction to heroin

Heroin is a synthetic substance, a derivative of morphine, and it is highly addictive. Long-term use of heroin leads to irreversible psychological and physical damage. One out of every four people that try heroin end up developing an addiction to it. Individuals with long term addiction to heroin attain a state where they can no longer function without the drug. Heroin addiction presents with severe withdrawal symptoms making it highly challenging for individuals to quit the drug.

It is almost impossible to detect heroin addiction in individuals. However, some of the common signs in heroin users include bloodshot eyes, constricted pupils, changes in appearance, and sudden weight loss. Furthermore, if a loved one exhibits secretive behavior, lack of interest or motivation, and borrows large amounts of money, it may be time to stage a drug intervention. We offer highly effective heroin detox in Newport Beach to help individuals safely overcome the painful withdrawal symptoms of heroin.

What is heroin withdrawal?

Heroin severely affects the brain reward system and increases an individual's tolerance to its effects over time. The brain starts to develop a tolerance, which can cause individuals to take higher doses of heroin to attain a high. Quitting heroin presents with painful and intense withdrawal symptoms like muscle aches, abdominal cramping, agitation, diarrhea, etc.

Users start to experience withdrawal symptoms within 6 to 12 hours of their last use of the drug, and the symptoms often resemble the symptoms of flu. The intensity of the symptoms can reach its peak on the second or third day, after which it gradually reduces in a week. Nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and anxiety are some of the other common withdrawal symptoms of heroin.

Heroin detox

Heroin detox helps manage the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting heroin more manageable and less painful. It is important to start treatment with detox, to minimize the complications of withdrawal symptoms and to help an individual actively participate in counseling, behavioral therapies, and other rehab treatments. In addition to this, patients also suffer from psychological symptoms like anxiety and depression upon quitting heroin. After detox, some patients try to harm themselves and exhibit suicidal behaviors when they do not have access to the drug.

Heroin detox is the safest way to minimize physical and psychological risks associated with quitting the drug. The detox procedure can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks, and patients need to stay in a rehab facility during this period. All patients undergoing heroin detox are supervised 24/7 for medical complications and self-harming behaviors.

We use a combination of medical detox, psychotherapies, individual, and group counseling sessions to help individuals overcome addiction. For more details on our heroin detox in Newport Beach, speak to one of us at Akua Mind & Body.

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