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Johnny “The Healer” is the founder of the #1 holistic drug rehab in the country, The Holistic Sanctuary. With natural methods and sacred plant medicine therapy, we help patients battling depression, addiction, PTSD, and other mental illnesses overcome their ailments in a serene, safe, and supportive environment.

Holistic drug rehab vs. traditional drug rehab

Sadly, more and more drug rehab centers for drug abuse appear on the market, as the number of people struggling with drug addiction is rising. People are looking for the best ways to learn how to live a life free of addiction. However, conventional drug rehabs aren't able to provide methods adjusted to every patient's level of addiction, personal needs, or particularities. It's the main reason for which conventional drug rehabs lead to relapse after some time.

Many patients don't know, but traditional rehab programs haven't been renewed for decades. Moreover, medications such as Suboxone, benzos and SSRIs are addictive and ineffective in the long run.

With the risk of relapse always present and the firm belief that people will never heal their addiction completely, it's understandable why patients have looked for better, more effective, and more adjusted methods for addressing drug dependency. And one of the most promising and reliable ways to take for some time now is called the Holistic Sanctuary.

What’s peculiar about holistic therapy when treating drug addiction?

Holistic addiction therapies are natural recovery methods that help treat substance abuse disorder when used in combination with traditional treatment practices. Holistic recovery practices bring the mind, body, and soul into alignment, and it focuses on improving an individual's overall well-being and reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms. At our holistic drug rehab, we offer therapies like equine therapy, exercise, meditation, art therapy, yoga, and nutrition to help individuals overcome their addiction.

Some of the other commonly used holistic therapies include Tai chi, acupuncture, spiritual treatment, etc. At our rehab facility, we personalize the comprehensive therapy programs as per the treatment goals of each individual in recovery. Our holistic therapists never stop working with their patients for addressing both physical and psychological dependency symptoms for controlling the nutritional and emotional imbalances. Furthermore, comprehensive programs help overcome insomnia, poor diet, emotional stress, and strengthens an individual's resistance to cravings.

Holistic therapies are highly successful because they are flexible and cater to the needs of every patient in recovery. 

Holistic Drug Rehab- what’s the approach at the Holistic Sanctuary?

The Holistic Sanctuary is a luxury rehab set on the most serene and picturesque location in Beverly Hills. We offer customized treatment to all our patients and provide one-on-one care for 30+ hours per week. Our residents also get 7+ private treatments per day and undergo organic cold-pressed juice cleanse for improved physical wellness. We offer an 80% raw food diet to our recovering addicts and ensure that our residents consume plenty of superfoods and super-shakes. This way, we nourish the minds, bodies, and souls of our patients with nutritious meals.

Furthermore, we hold the #1 rank for our highly powerful and rewarding Pouyan Method. This method helps recovering addicts to eliminate old destructive behaviors and enables them to adopt new and healthy practices. 

Why is Sacred Plant medicine fundamental for addressing drug addiction?

The drug addiction treatment programs at The Holistic Sanctuary are focused on using Ayahuasca and ibogaine, together with holistic care therapies. Plant medicines have been used for centuries to help people with mental conditions. Currently, many professionals in holistic care therapies consider sacred plant medicine to be incredibly efficient, especially since they're not addictive. On a bodily level, they're used for eliminating the toxins and for controlling the symptoms generated by the withdrawal from drugs.

What is the Pouyan Method? How does it sustain the treatment for drug addiction?

The Pouyan Method is used only at the Holistic Sanctuary and has helped thousands of patients struggling with drug dependency.

The most extraordinary aspect of the Pouyan Method is that it can bring the brain to the pre-addicted phase. People dealing with drug addiction fight with stigma for years and are unable to find the right way to heal. The Pouyan Method has given amazing results, with more than 90% recovery rate for people dealing with PTSD and drug dependency. 

First of all, the Pouyan Method isn’t created from old disease theories, but based on research and results. The most innovative therapies are included in the protocol, and only some of the patients will need to experience Ayahuasca and Ibogaine.

The main objectives of the protocols

Anyone entering the Holistic Sanctuary will go through a detailed evaluation of their level of addiction. The program is adjusted to every patient's needs, specifics, and, most importantly, the level of addiction.

The treatment aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Detox the body of toxins entirely before taking any other steps
  • Bring the brain to the pre-addicted phase, by repairing it (neurogenesis)
  • Block negative thoughts that maintain the state of being a helpless addict
  • Create new wiring for the mind (neuroplasticity)
  • Provide efficient ways for living a new holistic life, so that the success is complete.

What should patients expect with the Pouyan Method?

The Pouyan Method focuses on repairing the brain from various angles. Stem Cell and Oxygen therapies are utilized for rebuilding the brain cells, and the damage caused by drugs is taken care of.

It's not only the drugs that affect one's healing, but the negative thoughts and stigma that the environment and society cast on the addict generally. The strong Plant medicines are part of the treatment as well, without ever posing a risk for the safety of the patient.

The treatment will be adjusted to every patient’s needs, level of dependency, and state of health. Clients will benefit from blood work and liver panel, and EKG/ECG tests, cardio workup and heart checkup.

The Holistic Sanctuary provides 24-hour nursing care and supervision and an in-house ER doctor for patients undergoing Ibogaine treatments. Patients have daily access to the gym, enjoy high-end amenities, and participate in daily yoga, meditation, massage, IV drips sessions.

As long as the patient’s state requires it, he/she will participate in 1-7 ceremonies with Ancient Plants Ibogaine and Ayahuasca, 5MeO DMT, and Changa. Only the patients who have professional approval will join in the ceremonies.

One of the leading causes for which traditional drug rehab don't give results is the inability to heal the body, mind, and soul together. It has been known that people with drug addiction have poor health, so providing them a healthy and organic diet is fundamental. Once the body has the nutrients it needs, healing will happen in a smoother manner. Patients at the Holistic Sanctuary enjoy 90% raw food diet, fresh organic meals, and 100% organic and 100% non-GMO food.

Is detox included in the program?

Even if it's a holistic approach, detoxification is the first step to take at the Holistic Sanctuary. Drug residues, pesticides, and heavy metals need to be eliminated from the organism before any other phase of the healing process is started.

Ibogaine and Ayahuasca should be used on a cleansed body only, so that safety isn't risked at any point. Drugs damage the brain, and the image scans that we take are the very proof of it. Detoxification is necessary because it eliminates toxins not only from the brain, but also from the bloodstream, liver, colon, and kidney. A healthy body is fundamental for healing the patient from drug addiction.

Unlike in traditional rehab centers, the detoxification methods are 100% organic and natural. They rely on the use of vitamins, superfoods, plant phytonutrients, amino acids, oxygen, and minerals. The detox is gentler and safer for the patients, and the risk of experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms is minor. As the drugs and toxins are removed from the brain and body, the patient will no longer feel the physiological and psychological cravings that drugs give.

The treatment gives results because it sets the perfect plan for true healing. Only when the toxins are eliminated, the patient can take the next steps for recovering from drug addiction.

What makes us the #1 drug rehab?

The holistic approach, the use of innovative therapies, and the adjustment of methods to every patient's particular needs are the primary explanation for the high rate of success.

Contact us now at (310)-601-7805 or visit for more details on Johnny The Healer. At our holistic drug rehab, we help recovering addicts attain improved physical and mental wellness with our unique Pouyan method. We also use plant-based therapies like ayahuasca and ibogaine therapies to provide patients with a lasting recovery.


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