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Laser Hair Removal Little Rock

Taking care of unwanted hair can be a time-consuming task. Whether you want to get rid of hair from your upper lip or chin, bikini area, legs, arms or body, one of the best ways is with laser hair removal in Little Rock. Laser hair removal offers an easy method to eliminate hair from any area of the body.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal in Little Rock is a procedure that eliminates unwanted hair using innovative laser technology. We use the Apogee Elite laser system by Cynosure. This is the same system that is used by celebrities and movie stars around the world. This unique system of laser hair removal in Little Rock utilizes two lasers to eliminate hair more efficiently.

Laser treatments are non-evasive and safe and you will typically see results after just a few treatments. Our laser uses cool air to reduce any immediate discomfort that you may have during treatment. This exclusive design feature enhances your body’s own cooling abilities to create a more comfortable experience.

Our laser treatments are virtually painless. Most people report that the treatment feels like a tiny pin prick on the skin. Treatments are fast so you can usually fit an appointment easily into your schedule. After the treatment you may notice slight redness which will dissipate very quickly.

No More Razors

Laser hair removal in Little Rock lets you stop using old-fashioned razors to remove your hair. Razors are difficult to use and cause cuts and scrapes. They only cut hair off at the skin so you always have to keep shaving again and again every few days. In between shaves you will experience stubble. You don’t need to put up with razor hair removal any more.

Instead, try laser hair removal in Little Rock. The Apogee Elite laser system is ideal for all skin types. It can even eliminate dark hair that is combined with dark skin tones. The system uses special laser wavelengths that penetrate the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. The system is the leading one used to remove unwanted hair.

The system has been found to reduce hair re-growth by almost 80 percent in just 3 treatments. The laser specifically targets hair follicles that are active or growing. Therefore, you will need to have several or more treatments in order to take care of all your unwanted hair that is in various stages of growth.

Most people are thrilled with the results they achieve in just a few sessions. The system can safely and effectively remove hair from your upper lip or chin as well as from your legs and bikini area. You may also use laser treatment to remove underarm hair and hair on the arms. It can be used on men as well. Some men want to eliminate hair on certain parts of the body, for example, the back.

There is no better time than now to begin your laser hair removal treatments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.



Laser Hair Removal Little Rock