Meet The Team

Matt Morgan, CATC, CNS

Director, Dual Diagnosis Program & Quality Assurance Officer

Matthew Morgan CATC, CNS is the Director of the Dual Diagnosis program at Awakenings. Matt has been working in the field for over 11 years with clients and their families. “My focus right now is the client transition from treatment to the outside world, I like to help connect the treatment experience to what they are excited about in their own lives.”“There is a tremendous need for application after treatment, I work closely with the client and immediate or distant community to make sure this is given energy and attention.” Matthew has a CATC credential and is working toward a doctorate in addiction counseling. Matt helped open Exodus Recovery Centers with Steven Chatoff in 2005, and worked at Promises Treatment centers in Malibu for over 5 years. Matt helps clients learn how to apply the skills they receive in treatment so that they have a real world knowledge of application and theory. “My grandfather and father are both sober, I have been inspired with purpose and vision in the work that I do.” Matthew is also a certified Neurofeedback Specialist and works closely with Bill Scott the founder of Brain Paint located in Malibu. Matt has worked with over 1,000 clients and has applied countless sessions of Neurofeedback technique, allowing clients to get the possible long term, often permanent benefits from Neurofeedback protocol. “I do my best to keep clients interested in their Neurofeedback training. It’s one of the greatest gifts modern technology has given to humankind.” Matt is also a classically trained guitar player and has enjoyed playing guitar for 27 years. He has a passion for Bach, Mozart, Tarrega, Barrios, Hendrix and others. Matt has recorded, entered talent shows, and talent competitions. Matt also incorporates the guitar, music, and creativity in his individual sessions to help ground clients and stimulate brain activity.