Awakenings Treatment is one of the few rehabs in the region that utilizes neurofeedback treatment to help our patients recover. The physiological activity that is going on inside your body and nervous system is a process that is continually moving and responding. It responds to what happens in the outer world around you but also to your inner world of thought, perception, and emotion. Indicators like heart rate, inhalation, blood circulation, body temperature, and others, adjust themselves invariably based on the feedback they get from the body’s inbuilt sensors to find the optimal balance.

These vital rhythms define your very life – your health, wellness, and performance. But what if this activity is out of balance? Many modern health problems, such as tension headaches, stress, anxiety, hyperventilation, high blood pressure, forms of chronic pain, and even mental and attention performance issues (such as ADD/ADHD) stem from neurobiological dysfunctions as well as from behavior and lifestyle patterns.

Neurofeedback Treatment is a Non-Medication Treatment

Sadly, too many people rely on pills and medication to treat their problems. Of course, there are times when medication is needed, but it’s no secret that many doctors overprescribe. At Awakenings Treatment, we provide holistic treatment solutions for dual diagnosis patients suffering from addiction/alcoholism and one or more co-occurring disorders, such as the ones mentioned above.

Many clinicians, researchers, and health professionals are becoming increasingly interested in understanding the role of the human nervous system and behavior in health and performance. This is an exciting non-medication field where psychology and physiology meet.

What is Neurofeedback Treatment?

The term “neurofeedback” refers to technology we use that allows us to literally see what is going on inside of our patients’ bodies in real time. It’s like having a mirror that enables us to see the physiological signals of the mind-body system. This ability to see inside the body gives us the ability to learn and know how to gain control over our physiological state, our stress levels, attention, and performance.

When people ask, “What is neurofeedback, they typically want to know what it helps, how it’s done, and how it is different from other options. To keep it simple, neurofeedback can be used to help anyone improve the way their brain functions. Because of this, neurofeedback has tremendous benefits for addiction and dual diagnosis treatment. The addicted brain is wired to depend on the substances the person uses to survive, and neurofeedback can change the destructive pathways in the brain by creating new, healthy ones.

Neurofeedback Works

At Awakenings Treatment, we use only the best neurofeedback treatment on the market today. Our talented clinicians will administer your neurofeedback sessions, and the results, when analyzed beside your personal assessment, gives us a clear understanding of how to create your treatment plan to give you maximum results and the best chance to recover from your disease(s). If you think that neurofeedback could be beneficial to your recovery, feel free to reach out at any time. Also, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.