Awakenings Treatment is the place for you if you’re looking for PTSD treatment centers in California. We use natural remedies to treat the symptoms of PTSD, such as essential oils, herbs and supplements, food as medicine, mediation, and other natural treatment protocols to connect the mind, body, and soul.

Treating PTSD Naturally

Taking a natural approach to PTSD is nothing new. PTSD (although it has had different names throughout history) is as old as mankind. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the side effects of toxic medication to treat PTSD. After all, it’s a bit of a contradiction to take something that’s toxic to heal yourself. There are times when medicine has been prescribed, and in such cases, you should never discontinue your prescription without your doctor’s approval. There are other times when the symptoms of PTSD are so powerful in a patient that medication may be a viable treatment option. But for most people, PTSD can be treated naturally.

PTSD Symptoms

Not everyone who thinks they have PTSD has PTSD. We all react to things differently, and it is natural for all of us to react to severe emotional turmoil in some ways that are reflective of PTSD symptoms. However, when symptoms last more than three months, these symptoms can begin to build disease and dysfunction in the body, which is why it’s so important to use natural techniques that can improve your mood and ease the symptoms of PTSD. Here’s what to look out for:

Symptoms lasting longer than three months
Reliving the event; Nightmares, flashbacks, triggers
Avoiding situations that remind you of the event
Negative changes in beliefs and feelings
Hyper-arousal; Trouble sleeping or concentrating; easily started

Risk Factors for PTSD

We assess each one of our clients to get a clear picture of what is going on in their lives when they come to our treatment center. There are many risk factors for PTSD that, when present, can significantly elevate the client’s chance of developing PTSD. Being aware of these factors can help us to diagnose and treat the client accordingly. Risk factors include:

  • Sexual/physical abuse
  • Drug/alcohol abuse
  • Surviving a natural disaster
  • War veterans
  • Car accident/fire/terrorist attack survivor

People often turn to drug and alcohol abuse to mask their pain, and that is why we see an increased risk of PTSD with such individuals. Of course, not everybody who uses drugs and alcohol is suffering or going to suffer from PTSD, but drug and alcohol abuse in addition to one or more of these other risk factors significantly increase the chance. Sadly, drugs and alcohol only exacerbate the condition.

Who We Are

We are professionals who have helped a lot of other people with PTSD to live better lives, and we can help you too! It is so important that you get therapy. Our treatment facility is designed to be a beginning of a new and more fulfilling life for our clients. Here’s what you can expect from our PTSD treatment facility:

85% of people report improvements in symptoms.
Through holistic therapy, we train our patients to better access their emotions that have been cut off.
You can regain a feeling of having control over your life.
Learn how not to try to hide your symptoms but to deal with them more effectively.
Learn highly-effective coping strategies for dealing with difficult emotions.

If you’re looking for PTSD treatment centers, look no further! Contact Awakenings Treatment and begin the road to recovery today.

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