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Oaks of Hope is the oasis of health and happiness you’ve been looking for. We know how severe drugs and alcohol can impact you in the long run. Aside from damaging your body and causing other health problems along the way, it’s the ruination of the spirit that we consider as the real tragedy. The moment you lose hope and confidence in yourself is the moment everything starts going downhill.

Come to our recovery treatment center in So Cal because we’re ready to change that! Our philosophy relies on three vital concepts:

A journey of self-discovery

People come to our center to escape their substance addiction and regain their freedom. What they don’t know is how complex the rehabilitation treatment is, and how much it will impact their lives in the long run. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment it’s a journey of self-discovery, above everything else.

Eliminating the withdrawal and stabilizing your condition is standard practice. We use advanced psychotherapies to take things one step further. Our leading counselors will help you:

  • Become emotionally stable
  • Grow more confident in yourself
  • Overcome your emotional traumas, some dating back since your childhood
  • Come at peace with yourself and those around you
  • Gain more self-esteem and embrace positivity and change
  • Develop mental strength, determination, and a strong set of moral values

All these benefits will change the way you look at life. We want to show you how little you know about yourself and much you can change for the better, given proper guidance.

Reviving the hope

In our recovery treatment center in So Cal, one of the main goals is to bring hope back to life. One of the deadliest aspects of substance addiction is that it breaks people’s spirit. Losing faith is the most tragic thing that can happen to you, and we won’t let that happen. We have a team of psychotherapists and counselors that work around the clock to change the way you function mentally and spiritually.

We’ll make sure to keep your spirit alive and remind you that life is not a tragedy, it’s a love story. For this reason, we have family and couples therapy sessions, meant to bring everyone together, and restore your relationships with those you love. The loved ones will provide you with spiritual support both during the rehab and in the years to follow.

Personal development

Learn about yourself, about the world, and visualize your goals. This is the secret of self-improvement, and it’s what lies at the foundation of the relapse prevention strategy. We use educational programs and personal training to help you overcome your former self, and embrace a new, better version of who you are.

Our recovery treatment center in So Cal is both a rehab and a training facility. We’ll teach you to become more responsible, financially and socially independent, and more successful in life. At Oaks of Hope, we support people like you in redefining their future and improve their lives dramatically. Join our rehab treatment today!

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