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Rehab West Palm Beach Florida

Daylight Detox & Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehab in West Palm Beach, Florida that exists to serve as a beacon of light and hope in the dark world of addiction. Here, we provide inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services for men and women who are serious about getting clean from drugs and alcohol. And while getting clean is a great starting point, lasting recovery from addiction is about staying clean! That is why we give our patients all the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to stay clean long after they leave Daylight Detox & Recovery Center.

What Kind of Rehab is Daylight Detox & Recovery Center?

Daylight Detox & Recovery Center employs some of the brightest and best-trained addiction treatment specialists and mental health counselors in the Sunshine State. Many of our counselors have degrees in addiction treatment, and many of us have either overcome addiction ourselves or have had close loved ones who battled with addiction. We know what our patients are going through, and that enables us to provide better overall care and treatment for our patients.

We take a slightly different approach to recovery here, combining the best of traditional addiction treatment with the best of modern, science-based addiction treatment. We do things differently in the following ways:

How Daylight Detox & Recovery Center Differs from Other Reahbs in West Palm Beach Florida

First, we have a relatively small rehab facility. Whereas most drug and alcohol rehabs accept dozens of patients at once, Daylight Detox & Recovery Center only admits a minimal number of patients at a time. This way, we're able to provide better treatment, one-one-one care, and better allocate our resources to achieve maximum long-term recovery patients.

Also, it's important to note that rehabs that admit lots of patients at once open up themselves and their patients to the risk of contamination and the spread of infectious diseases. Having smaller groups allows us to narrow the scope of who we admit so that everyone in our rehab is there because they really want to get clean from drugs and alcohol. This provides an environment that's more conducive to recovery.

We also place an emphasis on individual and group counseling. We believe that, whether the patient has a dual diagnosis disorder or not, the underlying causes of addiction must be treated in order for lasting recovery to occur. Trying to treat substance abuse and its symptoms without identifying and treating the root of the problem is a recipe for relapse. The fact is; if a person is abusing drugs and alcohol, then the substance abuse is only a symptom of a deeper problem.

Seek Daylight

If you are looking for a rehab in West Palm Beach, Florida that doesn't over-complicate recovery but provides high-quality addiction treatment services, then Daylight Detox & Recovery Center might be right for you. We accept most insurance, and we have a proven model for treating addiction. Feel free to call us if you have any questions, concerns, or special needs.

Rehab West Palm Beach Florida
Daylight Detox & Recovery Center
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