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Residential Treatment Centers in Orange County CA

Selecting the best option when looking for Orange County California treatment centers can become overwhelming due to the sheer number of choices available. This is a crucial decision to make, simply because the best and right treatment should always be tailored entirely to the unique needs of each patient. While there may be some people that do better with residential treatment centers in Orange County, CA, there are others that have success when going through outpatient treatment. To make the right choice, it is crucial that you learn all that you can about all options and everything that each one has to offer to patients.

Residential Treatment

With a residential treatment program in Orange County, CA, you will have care and supervision 24 hours each day. While you go through an inpatient program, you remain at the treatment facility for the allotted time, which could be weeks or months. The patient lives there at the facility around the clock. With this kind of setting, the focus for each individual will be on recovery, and all of the days are loaded up with substance abuse treatment in Orange County, group and individual settings, various activities, and therapy sessions. 

While taking part in this type of immersive recovery process, the patient has the ability to focus on and address all of the addiction issues they are having. The length of time that someone will stay in Orange County residential inpatient treatment centers will depend on a range of factors, such as their addiction severity, how long they have been abusing, any mental health or medical issues, and so on.

Outpatient Treatment

If you are looking for something opposite of residential treatment centers in Orange County, CA, then you may find that outpatient treatment is a better option. These are programs that offer a variety of advantages to some patients, such as those who have jobs or families that they cannot leave for a long period. Because these programs are a bit more flexible in nature, the patient has the ability to fit in therapy and other treatment options around their schedule. This helps to schedule their treatment around social commitments, responsibilities with their family, and work schedules.

Most often, you will hear that the patients that benefit from outpatient treatment most are those with an addiction that is newer or less severe. Anyone who is going through a severe addiction issue is better going with Orange County psychiatric residential treatment centers for inpatient care. 

Regardless of what you are facing and going through, there are residential treatment centers in Orange County, CA, that are here to help. At Safe Harbor Treatment Center, we have been dedicated to helping others recover from substance abuse for many years now. We would love to talk with you and your loved ones about the programs and treatment options that we have on our roster so that you can get on a better path in your journey to recovery. 

To gather information on our treatment options and residential care, call Safe Harbor Treatment Center to speak with an addiction treatment specialist, verify your insurance, or learn more about our treatment at 1-844-214-8384. You can also visit us at to fill out an online request form.

Residential Treatment Centers in Orange County CA
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