Are you searching the internet for sober living in Portland, ME? At Live Free, we offer structured sober living homes in NH that helps men and women recover from chronic drug and alcohol addiction.

What is a sober living home?

A sober living home acts as a bridge between inpatient rehab treatment and the “real world.” It is also called a halfway house and helps patients leaving an inpatient facility to adjust back to regular life before they can return home. Sober living homes provide recovering addicts with a perfect opportunity to reinforce the lessons learned in rehab.

Moving into a sober living home after treatment plays an integral role in sustainable sobriety. It offers recovering addicts with a safe and controlled environment where they can focus on getting a job, building a new social circle, and mending relationships with loved ones. It also inspires and encourages them to continue on the path of sobriety without feeling the need to resume old habits.

This may be the safest option for recovering addicts who do not have a stable environment to return to. While sober living homes do not provide the same level of structure as inpatient rehab, it encourages residents to develop healthy and essential coping skills to deal with stressful situations and to overcome cravings. We are a leading provider of sober living in Portland, ME, with excellent amenities and comfortable accommodations.

What to expect in a sober living home

While inpatient treatment immerses recovering addicts in a series of treatments and therapies all through the day, a sober living home offers more independence to its residents. Residents of a sober living home can leave the facility and come back as and when they please and can use the opportunity to rebuild a career, new social circle, mend relationships, etc. Patients who spend an indefinite amount of time in a treatment facility can use a sober living arrangement to ease back into normal life.

You can expect to heal and recover in the love and support of your peers. Sober living homes can have some restrictions that the residents must abide by, like curfews, compulsory attendance in group meetings, etc. By staying at a sober-living home, you get to attend 12-step programs, create a structured routine, and focus on rebuilding your life in a stress-free environment. It also offers you the perfect opportunity to create positive friendships and reinforces your commitment to sobriety.

Tips for choosing the right sober living home

Be sure to choose a facility close to your family, place of work, and ongoing care/counseling treatment center to save time in commute. Choose a facility that provides you with all the essential amenities to lead a comfortable life.

Make sure to join a facility that follows the utmost hygiene and check their food and dining options before joining. Lastly, choose a facility with several online positive reviews from previous residents.

Your search for the ‘best sober living in Portland, ME’ ends here. At Live Free, we offer comfortable, structured living homes with high-end amenities so that our residents can focus on healing and recovery. Call us today at 877.932.6757 admissions and other details.

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