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Call 203-245-0412 for Suboxone clinic, it is specially designed to help and provide treatment solutions for people who struggle with opiate addiction. Opiates are derived from the opium plant. They are known as drugs used to treat pain. They are highly addictive and anyone who takes them for an extended period stands the risk of getting addicted. The opium plant was first cultivated by Samaritans and was referred to as joy plant. It became spread across the world when merchants learned of its multiple uses.

They were used to relieve pain as well as induce sleep and induce purge. They are also used to date to treat a cough. Till today, doctors and scientist alike discover active substances from opium plant strictly for medical uses. These active substances naturally occur in the sap of the opium and are called opiates. As has been learned as Suboxone clinic, they can, however, be manipulated synthetically and these synthetic opiates are called opioids. The heroine, Codeine, morphine, oxycodone are types of this opium and opiate derivatives.

Now, it can not be stated for sure the significant difference in the effectiveness of the drugs during research at Suboxone clinic in New Haven CT; findings were made that satisfied opioids are synthetic or half-synthetic drugs that are made in similar processes as opiates. This drugs(morphine, codeine, methadone, e.t.c)can be prescribed or could be sold illicitly as street drugs in the form of heroin, opium, e.t.c. When these drugs are abused, they lead to opiate or opium addiction. Some street names that are used by addicts brought to Suboxone clinic include rock, elephant, hammer, smack, horse, dragon, white e.t.c.

Opiate pain medications are prescribed mostly in cases of surgery or strictly to treat pains either moderate or severe. A few of these medically prescribed opiates includes,

1. Meperidine which is synthetic, similar to morphine and produces identical effects

2. Hydrocodone: A semi-synthetic opioid that is a frequently prescribed opiate medication and has brand names like Vicodin and Lortab.

3. Fentanyl: Synthetic and highly addictive and used mostly as an analgesic.

4. Oxycodone: is semi-synthetic and has oxycontin and Percocet as brand names.

Opiates appear differently both in form and color and could be swallowed, chewed, crushed and snorted or dissolved in water and injected.

Most cases of opiate or opium addiction began from legitimate prescription, probably after an illness or surgery. These drugs enter the bloodstreams and create a flood of artificial neurotransmitters responsible for a wide range of feelings like pleasure, Euphoria, and satisfaction. This is unlike the naturally occurring rush of dopamine and endorphins and as such, addicts resort to the drugs over and over again to get such feelings. As they repeat these drugs over and over, the brain stops creating dopamine and endorphins and relies solely on these drugs for such feelings of euphoria and the likes.

Opiate addiction has detrimental effects both on the addicts and their loved ones. It poses a significant challenge to stop the drug and stay sober for a long term. However, according to discoveries in Suboxone clinic, recovery and healing can be realized when armed with enough knowledge and understanding about opiate addiction.

Some addiction symptoms to look out for includes loss of coordination, slurry speech, shallow breathing, change in sleeping pattern, mood swings, slow pulse, anxiety and many more.

Addicts are prone to steal pills, conceal medical information, the secrecy around medicine use, get multiple prescriptions from different pharmacies and they cannot stop or control drug intake, keep up with responsibility and show unexpected risky behavioral patterns.

Suboxone clinic in New Haven CT engages addicts in treatment therapies that involve motivation, cognitive behavior, peer support, nutritional support, exercise program, education, e.t.c which are most likely to help addicts get clean and remain clean. The professionals at Suboxone clinic are not just doctors but also allies, friends and in most cases even family. Suboxone clinic understands this and strives to provide care and compassion for addicts as well as helping them overcome their addiction and living a healthy and pleasing life.


Suboxone Clinic New Haven CT
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