Meet The Team

Lauren Wolff, LMFT

Clinical Director

Lauren Wolff brings 15 years of experience working in residential and outpatient treatment as a passionate psychotherapist for individuals seeking spiritual and psychological recovery. Lauren Wolff is a (LMFT) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute in California. Lauren began her career at LA Shanti in West Hollywood, working with LGBTQ individuals challenged by mental health, addiction, and physical health concerns associated with HIV/AIDS diagnostics. She then joined a research team at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute focused on the effects of cognitive remediation in clients with newly diagnosed schizophrenia. Prior to joining the Awakenings team, Lauren worked in dual diagnosis residential care as a director and clinician for more than a decade. Lauren specializes in trauma and grief work with those challenged by PTSD, addiction, unresolved grief, and shame. In recovery herself, Lauren is passionate about walking with others as they navigate their path toward healing.