Total Recovery for Body, Mind and Spirit

Primary Mental Health

Compassionate, advanced treatments founded on effective medical and therapeutic practices.

Chronic Pain Program

Effective, neuroscientific and holistic treatments for pain that succeed where other treatments have failed.

Binge Eating Disorder

A recovery program that puts YOU first. An individualized program tailored to meet your physical and emotional needs, in a private, intimate setting.

Addiction Treatment

Sophisticated care that will get you back to life.

Intensive Outpatient Healing

Welcome to Awakenings

testimonial-left Meeting people who understand what I'm going through has been extremely healing
for me at Awakenings and keeps me motivated each day.testimonial-right
Emma, September 2014

Awakenings is an intensive outpatient program that provides treatment for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addictions, primary mental health challenges, chronic pain and eating disorders. Our beautiful, private facility welcomes clients to take part in our uniquely individualized treatment programs designed to meet a broad array of clinical needs. Clients may engage in one specific program, or may be “cross-tracked” in multiple programs if their clinical needs require attention from more than one of our treatment offerings.

At Awakenings, we provide each client with a specialized treatment plan that is designed to meet their individual needs, choices and concerns. We passionately believe in treating the whole individual: body, mind and spirit. We provide individuals and their loved ones with cutting-edge treatment technologies while maintaining the dignity and respect that every individual deserves.

Becky M. -2012

I would tell anyone I care about that Awakenings is the place to come for a true healing experience and therapists who really care.

Emily R.- 2013

Awakenings saved my life. The staff was caring and they even call me 2-3 times a month now just to check in and make sure I’m ok.

Justin P. -2013

Their scientific treatments totally got rid of my anxiety and helped me sleep soundly even though the therapy I was doing during the day was very emotional and painful. I don’t know where I would be without the team at Awakenings.