Science Based Results

It’s difficult to learn new things when under stress. Anyone dealing with issues of alcoholism, drug addiction or eating disorders is under intense stress, and this makes learning and implementing the tools of recovery much more difficult. At Awakenings, we want our clients to function to the best of their ability under all circumstances.

For this reason, we offer all our clients the benefits of Neurofeedback, a proven method that dramatically reduces stress and increases the brain’s ability to learn and incorporate new information. Neurofeedback educates the brain to be more adaptive and effective. The benefits are scientifically proven safe, effective and of great value.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a proven brain re-training method that facilitates stress reduction while boosting the brain’s ability to learn and integrate new information. It does this by “educating” the brain to be more adaptive and flexible, benefiting more than alcohol or eating disorder treatment while also addressing all of the stressful areas of our lives.

Also known as EEG Biofeedback ~ Neurofeedback utilizes the human biological mechanisms of self-regulation and homeostasis. Neurofeedback helps change the “reactive” brain into a better-muscled “interactive” brain—a calmer, less reactive state that will serve the client through all stressful situations in life.

Initially, our warm and caring staff perform an evaluation by asking questions that enable us to create a specific treatment plan for you. In the second step, staff will place sensors on your ears and scalp (with possibly 2 to 3 placement variations), which gather electrical brain activities for approximately 30 minutes total. There is NO electricity entering the brain! The third step involves the client viewing beautiful fractal images on a computer graph, with the computer advising in 2-minute intervals how to improve your score. The Neurofeedback system also lets you know when you are in the state of “In the Zone!” so that can be repeated, brain reactivity is lessened and treatment can be better integrated.

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Awakenings is internationally renowned for its multi-disciplinary neuroscience department. Clients who choose Awakenings want the most cutting-edge technology available to support deep and permanent healing from addictive disorders, emotional suffering, chronic pain and eating disorders.

Alpha-Stim is a very simple to use, FDA approved device that stimulates alpha activity in the brain. Alpha brain wave activity is the “feel good” brain wave activity that dramatically reduces anxious “over thinking” associated with craving and obsessing about ritualistic drug and alcohol use and abuse and related compulsive behaviors: overeating, gaming and sex. Insomnia, the form associated with the difficulty falling asleep, is also eliminated with Alpha-Stim.

HeartMath is a powerfully effective form of Peripheral biofeedback, which is a noninvasive treatment modality aimed at enhancing psychophysiological self-regulation. Such self-regulation can be helpful in alleviating a number of symptoms, particularly those that are anxiety related including: insomnia, emotional eating, generalized anxiety, panic attacks and substance abuse.

Hemi-Sync is a therapeutic treatment that generates complex, multi-layered sound signals that create intensely enhanced mental, emotional and physical enhanced states. Clients report increased clarity of thought and dramatically reduced post-acute withdrawal symptoms, weeks and months following their last drugging/drinking experience. For clients attending Awakenings for depression and anxiety disorders and/or chronic pain syndromes, Hemi-Sync dramatically alleviates the more acute symptoms of hopelessness and helplessness as well as the agitation associated with anxiety disorders.