Shari Corbitt - Founder

Dr. Shari Corbitt is a licensed psychologist in the state of California and a specialist in the areas of addiction, eating disorders and chronic pain relief. Dr. Corbitt was trained at Yeshiva University in New York City and relocated to California in 2002 to pursue her interests in holistic and complementary treatment modalities. She spent five years as the Director of Human Services on the Rincon Indian Reservation at the Indian Health Council in Pauma Valley, CA. Later she served as the Clinical Director at Sierra Tucson in Tucson, AZ (2006-2009) and the Vice President of Promises Treatment Centers in Malibu, CA (2009-2011).Dr. Corbitt founded Awakenings in an effort to provide cutting edge treatment for individuals suffering with substance abuse disorders as well as related emotional difficulties. Optimal wellness is the goal for every client. Dr. Corbitt lives in gratitude each day for her own recovery as well, which she enjoys one day at a time.

Dr. Nassiri - Affiliated Physician 

Dr. Nassiri is a board certified Addiction Medicine physician. He is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the California Society of Addiction Medicine, the American Osteopathic College of Anesthesiologists, California Society of Anesthesiologists, the American Medical Association, and the American Osteopathic Association. He is a licensed and board certified physician.

Dr. Nassiri commenced his educational studies as a Regent Scholar at the University of California, Riverside, graduating at the top of his class with Summa Cum Laude, and completing his undergraduate studies in an accelerated 3 years. He pursued his medical school studies at Western University of Health Sciences, where he was the youngest member of his medical school class.

Upon graduation from medical school, he completed an intensive one year traditional rotating internship at Riverside County Regional Medical Center. He then completed a three year residency in Anesthesiology through Western U/OPTI, training at RCRMC, Cedars Sinai and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. During that time, he had a wide range of exposure to different patient populations, disease states and intense exposure to patients with Chronic pain and Substance and Alcohol Abuse Disorders.

He has been named as one of the “Top 40 Under 40” people by Pasadena Magazine, as well as voted one of the Top Doctors in the area. He has completed humanitarian medical missions overseas, and he has been interviewed by local and national media, including NBC, CNN, FOX and CBS.

Dr. Nassiri is fluent in English, Persian, French and medical Spanish.

Brigitte Weilert - Chief Operating Officer & Director of Admissions

Brigitte Weilert is a compassionate and trustworthy individual who devotes herself to helping individuals who are struggling with addiction and trauma. Brigitte began her career in treatment in 2007 as a residential technician and came to find the Admissions role her true passion. Brigitte has residential treatment experience with addiction, dual diagnosis, eating disorders, trauma, mood disorders and other addictive behaviors. Her experience provides a more comfortable, effective identification for clients when taking that next step into treatment.

Being the initial contact person for clients and families, walking them through the intake process, and answering difficult questions is hands down Brigitte’s expertise.

Deciding on a treatment program is a very stressful and overwhelming experience. Whether the client has been to several programs in the past or it is their first time, Brigitte provides a smooth transition into treatment and remains connected once a client becomes an alumni.

When clients enter treatment, it takes a team effort to make the decisions necessary for an individual’s care. Clients commit to a new way of life one day at a time.

Brigitte works closely with therapists, psychiatrists, and holistic providers to help individuals get the support and care they need.

It takes a team effort to change lifelong behaviors and support a commitment to “try it” as Brigitte once did. Brigitte feels blessed to be a part of that process and see the growth that is truly accessible to all of us!

Lauren Isaac - Chief Financial Officer 

Lauren Isaac has held multiple operational and clinical roles in mental health and addiction treatment, working with all ages. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UC Davis, she is now pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration at California Lutheran University. She also furthered her studies by receiving a certificate in addiction counseling. Lauren’s passion for the mental health field, attention to detail, positive work ethic, and devotion to helping others has allowed her to have a positive impact for both clients and providers.


Dan Petersen – Director of Marketing and Outreach

Bio coming soon.

Matt Morgan - Director of Dual Diagnosis Program and Quality Assurance Officer 

Matthew Morgan CATC, CNS is the Director of the Dual Diagnosis program at Awakenings.  Matt has been working in the field for over 11 years with clients and their families. “My focus right now is the client transition from treatment to the outside world, I like to help connect the treatment experience to what they are excited about in their own lives.” “There is a tremendous need for application after treatment, I work closely with the client and immediate or distant community to make sure this is given energy and attention.”  Matthew has a CATC credential and is working toward a doctorate in addiction counseling. Matt helped open Exodus Recovery Centers with Steven Chatoff in 2005, and worked at Promises Treatment centers in Malibu for over 5 years. Matt helps clients learn how to apply the skills they receive in treatment so that they have a real world knowledge of application and theory.

“My grandfather and father are both sober, I have been inspired with purpose and vision in the work that I do.”

Matthew is also a certified Neurofeedback Specialist and works closely with Bill Scott the founder of Brain Paint located in Malibu. Matt has worked with over 1,000 clients and has applied countless sessions of Neurofeedback technique, allowing clients to get the possible long term, often permanent benefits from Neurofeedback protocol. “I do my best to keep clients interested in their Neurofeedback training. It’s one of the greatest gifts modern technology has given to humankind.”

Matt is also a classically trained guitar player and has enjoyed playing guitar for 27 years. He has a passion for Bach, Mozart, Tarrega, Barrios, Hendrix and others. Matt has recorded, entered talent shows, and talent competitions. Matt also incorporates the guitar, music, and creativity in his individual sessions to help ground clients and stimulate brain activity.


Mindy Johnson - Primary Therapist & Family Clinician

Mindy Johnson is Awakenings’ senior Primary Therapist & Family Clinician. Mindy was raised to help others as a child and into her teenage years. The child of two staunch civil and women’s rights activists in San Francisco, California, the idea of being of service and giving a voice to helping those who cannot find their own, was instilled in her even as a young child. Mindy’s eventual academic and professional pursuits in the mental health and substance abuse field were an organic experience for her. As such, Mindy’s Awakenings clients benefit from her authenticity and sincerity. At Awakenings, Mindy serves clients with complex mental health and substance use disorders.

In addition, Mindy specializes in the treatment of members of the LGBTQ community who are struggling with addiction, alcoholism and related mental health disorders. Working and living in San Francisco in the 1980’s meant that Mindy lost mentors, colleagues, and many friends to the AIDS epidemic. Witnessing the devastation, loss and trauma it caused for many members of the LGBTQ community imbued a strong and unique sense of empathy that she carries through to her work in treatment. The realities of the AIDS crisis as well as the act of coming out adds additional layers to many men and women in the LGBTQ community as they address addiction. Mindy’s work with the LGBTQ community to understand this and to help individuals to process and heal is a powerful asset to Awakenings clients and families.

Amee Smith – Facilities Manager

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Eric Schneeman – Neurofeedback Technician

Eric Schneeman believes a person’s career should be in alignment with their core values. Because of this, his position as a neurofeedback technician has empowered him to support clients as they embark on their journey towards healing and personal evolution. His skill and passion for neuroscientific therapy provides the opportunity to incorporate these cutting-edge technologies in the client’s treatment plans. He looks forward to continue abetting the program’s approach to holistic and therapeutic restoration of mind, body and spirit.

He currently has his B.A. in psychology from the University of California Irvine. He is looking forward to earning his LMFT in the near future. He has always been goal oriented and grew up being aware of his mission to help others achieve their personal goals. Eric is a well-known and impactful member of the 12-step community. Eric enjoys playing drums, working out and spending time with his family.

Courtney Grossman – Intern

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Nathaniel Hodder-Shipp - Breathwork Practitioner 

Nathaniel Hodder-Shipp, B. Msc., CADC-II has worked as a professional healer for almost a decade, using the power of a person’s breath as a catalyst for positive changes in clients’ lives. Equipped with an arsenal of techniques – with a special focus on breathwork – Nathaniel has helped thousands of people process trauma, disarm negative thought patterns, and maintain healthy and happy relationships with themselves and loved ones. Nathaniel’s client base ranges from those seeking relief from everyday anxiety to people suffering from severe emotional and physical trauma and desperate for help. His specialty includes working in addiction treatment facilities to help accelerate clients’ journey to recovery.





Susan Kelejian - Art/Experiential Therapist

Susan considers herself a “Renaissance Thinker” defined as, “using interdisciplinary approaches to do many things, well.”  She is an experienced fine artist, vocalist, published author, award winning poet, playwright, director and theater actor, equine therapist and LCSW. She was the Artistic Director for Equine Dell Arte in L.A., the only company in the world to perform Shakespeare on horseback, and currently is Artistic Director of A Muse of Fire in Ojai, Ca. She strongly believes in Awakenings vision and is driven to help clients create purpose, meaning, and positivity in their lives. Susan uses primarily CBT, logotherapy, and a myriad of artistic and experiential approaches for the alchemy of change. She has a private practice two days a week in Ojai. Her sober date is 04/01/1990.