I honestly never thought I would end up at a treatment center; however, coming to Awakenings was the single best thing that could have ever happened to me. Let me explain. I am an engineer who has suffered from depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder most of my life, but it wasn’t until about 3 months before I showed up at awakenings that I was at my lowest. My therapist recommended getting outside help, meaning going to a “facility or treatment center”, which if I am honest, I didn’t think that was going to be helpful. I ended up finding Awakenings and starting the following week. I was absolutely positive I wasn’t going to last more than 30 days and after the 1st day I was sure I wasn’t going to last the week. After my 4th day I wanted to stay as long as I could, I started to see the benefits right away. Firstly, the staff that they hire at Awakenings is done with great care, and if they happen to not be a good fit for the team and the people they are treating, the management team doesn’t just keep people around who are detrimental to it’s clients, they re-evaluate. As I was saying, the staff I worked with when I was there cared very much about the clients they saw. I felt cared about and looked after. I did my best to be open and try everything they showed me, because I wanted to get better. Another thing I noticed my first week was how adaptable the Awakenings team was to the needs of the current clients and people in the groups. Also, I thought the Neurofeedback was actually really beneficial. As a scientist, on first glance, I wasn’t really sure how accurate or scientific this process was, but once I allowed myself to just be open to possibilities I realized that this process was actually helping me (and that I don’t know everything). While at awakenings I learned a lot of skills I never had before, and never knew I even needed with respect to emotions, feelings and understanding how to cope with them. I worked with a therapist on doing a deep dive into my life and how to best proceed with tackling my issues. I went to Awakenings very broken, depressed, sad, angry and in despair, when I left, I felt hope for the future, I didn’t have all the answers but I felt prepared to continue working with my outside therapist in life.

Awakenings helped me to understand myself better, to know my worth(never would have said that previously), and that this process will continue long after I leave and Awakenings is only the beginning. I am thankful for my time there, and the opportunity to be in such an amazing environment.

Andrea Q, 2022

This time last year was a very difficult time in my life. A few years of being worn down as a frontline professional throughout the pandemic, combined with challenges at home with sick loved ones, relationships, old trauma wounds, isolation. Trauma is “too much too fast” and “too much for too long” – that was true for me.

I was in severe burnout. Burnt myself all the way to the ground, and the scariest part was that I honestly didn’t even realize until it was too late. The holiday season came around and I wanted to die. My body and my mind were withering away. Grief and loss were devouring my soul. I was exhausted to the core. My bones were tired. Loved ones were concerned. PTSD came back with a vengeance.

I had come to the end of myself and I was just trying to hold on. I was a vacant shell of a human being when I came to the doors of Awakenings. I knew I needed help, but had no idea what that would look like. I was scared and vulnerable and desperate for relief. I am so grateful that I landed in the most capable and compassionate hands. Their entire team supported me through a long healing process full of setbacks. It was still a tenuous time in my life (and in the world) with deaths, a car accident, health issues, COVID, housing challenges, every major holiday & birthday all happening while I was in treatment – and their staff was there every step of the way as I navigated through it all. Case management, support staff, neurofeedback, movement, nutrition, spiritual counseling – I needed all of it! Hit me with the kitchen sink! Thank you for your top-notch clinical care, and for the compassion in the details of every inch of the program. Even smushy therapy dogs on site! I needed all of it.

All of your care for me helped me learn how to care for myself. Today, I am “me” again. For the first time in a really, really long time. Longer than I had realized. I missed it. I am lighter, freer. It took a lot of hard work and grace. Life is still full of challenges and there is a lot going on, but I’m flowing with all of it. I’m doing my very best to maintain the healthy rhythms I learned at Awakenings as I navigate life. I feel the difference. Here we are a year later and I am looking forward to the holidays, deeply grateful for my health and recovery. My mind has been restored to sanity, and my body is healthier than I’ve ever been. To the Awakenings team – I thank you and my loved ones thank you. I have ‘me’ back and they have ‘me’ back. I highly recommend Awakenings to anyone needing mental health care. I trust them with my life and with my loved ones. You are in wonderful hands.

CC, 2022

Awakenings changed my life for the better. Group therapy allowed me to make connections that I would never have otherwise had, while also learning more about myself and learning what wasn’t working. Neurofeedback is truly a game changer and gave me the mood regulation, decreased anxiety, better sleep, and overall mental health that I had dreamed of for years. I went into awakenings angry, emotional, and a wreck. I came out in the best mental health state that I have ever been in and for the first time in my life, I have been able to maintain it longer than ever before. The staff at Awakenings genuinely care for you, want you to succeed and understand what it’s like to be there. And Breathwork has been something that also changed my life and I still do to this day because of how helpful it has been for me. I’ve been through some scary programs, but Awakenings is certainly one I would trust with my life.

B.M., 2022

I can say with all my heart that I would not be where I am today without Awakenings and the love the staff gave me when I was in my darkest place. They not only showed me that I was worthy of love, but opened my eyes to the power and worth I always had inside. While the journey after Awakenings has not been easy, I have felt prepared and equipped to accomplish my goals and not be ashamed to reach out for support when I need it. Thank you, Awakenings, for awakening my true self and introducing me to the lovable and worthy person in me who was there all along.

Breanna S, 2022

When I first went to Awakenings, it was the last place I wanted to be. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have been to many residential and treatment centers in the past. What I found at Awakenings was the support I needed to help manage my Schizoaffective Bipolar Type disorder. The support I received through therapy was that I learned I had so much more power than I thought I had and that happiness was reachable. I have been to 8 treatment centers and Awakenings is the first treatment center that has worked for me. I have been free of self-harm for a year and haven’t been to a mental hospital in over a year as well! Thank you, Awakenings for your endless support and saving my life.

Cody G, 2022

Awakenings Treatment Center transformed me into the truest version of myself that was hidden deep down inside me for so many years. The staff and established dynamics of each group therapy session helped me uncover, discover, and discard my deeply engrained beliefs I held about myself. Particular events that made it difficult for me to function in everyday life decreased in intensity and impact through the holistic approach that created a well-rounded environment specifically cultivated to begin the healing process. The uniquely tailored group therapy sessions provided the opportunity to give and receive feedback with peers to help shift perspective and heal as a collective. My ability to thrive internally in addition to the way I show up for the world today is a direct result of this program. I hold close and treasure the time I was given to reacquaint myself with what it means to feel alive and whole.

R. W., 2022

Awakenings for me was the difference in existing in darkness/ giving up on life or learning to thrive. Even after I agreed to go, my first day was difficult. I started the onboarding process only to leave 2 hours later. Then to call back within 15 minutes asking to go back. In Becky’s kindness and patience she said yes. I returned to pick up where I left off only to say I couldn’t do this an hour later. Becky showed patience and knew I was suffering. We stopped and she just talked to me. I had stopped talking for months prior to coming there. Telling me her story and giving me hope. That day was the start of my healing.

I’m not saying it’s easy yet, life isn’t meant to be easy. The Awakenings team will walk your journey with you. So one can have many coping skills, strength and awareness to move forward in one’s recovery as in mine. They’ll show you having intentions; self care for the mind, body and spirit. I can only say give Awakenings a try and then you choose to heal and thrive. It’s up to you and they will work with you.

Since graduating I have been going to the alumni support group there which is part of my toolbox of skills to moving forward . With deep gratitude always for my day to day accomplishments as they are theirs as much as mine.

Patty L, 2022

Awakening’s has helped me gain parts of my life back that I truly never thought I would evvver get back. After being a chronic returnee to treatment facilities around the country for the last decade I feel like Awakenings has ended that cycle. They provide a program that truly gives you what you need to make this your final stop in the world of everyday treatment. I’ve suffered from traumatic brain injuries and suffer from chronic pain and general mental health issues & the fact that awakenings provides you with neurofeedback EVERYDAY of programming is rare and the biggest life changer anyone has provided me and guided me through. I will be forever thankful to awakenings for providing me with neurofeedback, because I have not felt this back to me and amazing in a very long overdue time. The whole crew they have at awakenings is beyond amazing & from someone whose unfortunately tried out a lot of the other facilities in this country. I without a doubt know awakenings is THE best!

Jillian H. 2020

I was so scared to come to treatment – I had already failed out of 3 different treatment centers when my panic attacks got too awful to tolerate anymore and my family was really skeptical that I could make a life change. After just one week I could tell that things were completely different at Awakenings. I felt less anxious from my neurofeedback sessions and the process groups helped me feel like my treatment team really did care, I wasn’t just another nervous pill popper! After a few weeks of groups, a lot of individual therapy, and tons of their neuroscience treatments, I feel like I truly have my life back. I would tell anyone I care about that Awakenings is the place to come for a true healing experience and therapists who really care.

Becky M. 2012

I refused my family’s requests to go to treatment until it was almost too late. I was seriously thinking about hurting myself and the thoughts were non-stop. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat and drinking alcohol day and night wasn’t working anymore to help the rest of my problems. When my girlfriend broke up with me and my parents kicked me out of the house, I knew the only way I could get my life back was to agree to go to treatment. Awakenings saved my life, for real. My whole family went to the family program every week. The stopped focusing on me and starting taking care of themselves. I had to focus on me, no one was picking up my slack anymore. I got back on my meds, went to all of the individual and group therapy, worked my steps and most of all their science treatments completely straightened out my sleep, my eating, and a lot of my really bad thoughts about myself. I don’t really understand how all of the science stuff works, but it really worked wonders for this guy.

Jonathon S. 2012

I decided a long time ago that there was no way I was going to any kind of group treatment place where I was going to be forced to tell people what happened to me. Who could possibly understand the nightmares, flashbacks and other weird things that happened to me every single day ever since I was raped in college? I was from a really nice family and I had a super clear message from my parents not to discuss what happened with anyone, ever. Eventually all of my symptoms would go away. Except they weren’t going away at all, they were getting worse and I was getting prescribed more and more medications, none of which were working. Finally I decided to drink an entire bottle of vodka and drink all of my pills with it. I woke up in a hospital being told I was going someplace called Awakenings. I fought like crazy, and my parents did to. But this really nice young woman named Brigitte showed up in the hospital, said she was from Awakenings, and told me a little bit about it. It actually sounded pretty cool, so I decided to give it a try. That was 8 months ago, and my life is now free of insomnia, nightmares, flashblacks, alcohol, pills, and even all of the psych medications I was told I would have to be on forever! Awakenings saved my life. The staff was caring and they even call me 2-3 times a month now just to check in and make sure I’m ok.

Emily R. 2013

I felt so dumb. How could I go to “rehab” for oreo cookies and potato chips? The other people there would definitely laugh me right out of the facility! There’s nothing glamorous about cookies compared to heroin or alcohol. But the intake specialist at the hospital where I was being treated for cellulitis (a side effect of obesity) assured me that Awakenings was especially equipped to address “food addiction” and “Binge Eating Disorder” as she gently called it. For the first time ever I heard a name put to my daily torment. As soon as I arrived for my first day at Awakenings I knew I would be respected and treated without shame. The chairs were comfortable and fit me, all of the therapy was designed to address the underlying reasons behind my intense “need” to overeat. And even the director shared her 30 year recovery from the same disease! That gave me the hope I needed. Their scientific treatments totally got rid of my anxiety and helped me sleep soundly even though the therapy I was doing during the day was very emotional and painful. I don’t know where I would be without the team at Awakenings.

Justin P. 2013

I’m not sure where my life would be today if it weren’t for the team at Awakenings. My therapist Debbie not only helped me confront the demons that had me chronically relapsing on meth and heroin for over 15 years, but she also helped me see the role I was replaying over and over again in my family without even realizing it. My parents attended the family program every week, and still do even though I’m an alumni now. They have never taken such good care of themselves! I’m working part time and volunteering at an animal shelter, my life-long dream. Basically, the Awakenings team showed me that my dreams really can come true, if I’m will to do the small steps to make them happen! Thank you Awakenings!

Sarah J. 2013

Before I heard about Awakenings I never really thought about going to treatment because I couldn’t leave the house…it’s hard to imagine now, but I had barely left my house for over 5 years due to a type of anxiety called Agoraphobia. The only way I could even get to the store was to bring my therapy dog Jake. I also never thought I could be free of Valium and Xanax. One day my therapist told me about Awakenings, and they allow dogs, they call it “Pet Friendly” *. There were also 2 other clients with dogs when I was a client there and the atmosphere was casual and relaxing, even though the treatment was really intense. I really can’t believe how different my life is today. I go around freely in the world, I socialize with friends and now am in a committed relationship. I still get anxious sometimes but I know how to handle it. As of September 1, 2014 I also have 1 continuous year with no Xanax or Valium, which is a huge accomplishment for me!

Eli Z. 2014

“Kimberly’s Wed night meeting is extremely helpful. I am really grateful to have this connection with such an insightful and compassionate group. It is so unlike many of the support groups I have attended over the past 10 years!”

Julie A.. 2014