Chronic Pain Treatment Agoura Hills

Chronic Pain Treatment Agoura Hills

Chronic Pain Recovery Agoura Hills

Relief from Suffering, Your Pathway Back to Living
For individuals seeking outpatient Chronic Pain treatment in Agoura Hills, Awakenings provides comprehensive, individualized treatment for men and women who suffer from complex, chronic pain syndromes including neck and back disorders, oro-facial pain, arthritis, headaches, opiate hyperalgesia, central nervous system sensitivity, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, fibromyalgia and other musculoskeletal and rheumatic conditions. Our integrative treatment approach combines the best of neuroscience and complementary therapies to help each person move toward recovery and resiliency.

People in pain frequently struggle with additional problems such as depression, anxiety or substance abuse. Awakening’s internationally recognized, expert staff of professionals uses an interdisciplinary team approach. We customize both conventional and complementary, evidence-based treatments to support each individual’s unique capacity for wellness and flourishing.

Individuals struggling with chronic pain often do not get the proper treatment needed to help alleviate the pain they are experiencing. This results in consequences that can be detrimental to overall quality of life. The emotional toll that chronic pain can take on a person can make the pain even worse and reduce the body’s production of natural painkillers. Long-standing chronic pain also suppresses the the immune system, making an sufferers more susceptible to developing autoimmune illnesses.

Additional problems that are associated with chronic pain can include fatigue, sleeplessness, and loss of the enjoyment from life activities because of the need to rest. Other chronic pain sufferers may experience changes in mood, feelings of hopelessness, fear, depression, irritability, stress and intense anxiety or even panic.

Our clinical team is extremely good at reducing pain levels and you will work on physical, mental, and spiritual components to achieve pain relief, learn techniques to manage the pain long term, and to return to performing many of the tasks that you haven’t been able to do or enjoy for years.

Rather than focusing solely on physical tissue damage or psychological effects of pain, you will receive treatment that balances each aspect of your health. And you’ll take home a comprehensive set of new skills, insights, and resources to sustain the journey of recovery that begins here.

Effective help and resolution from the symptoms and origins of Chronic Pain is available. At Awakenings you can heal from the debilitating pain and the patterns you may find repeating in your daily life, emotional experiences and all aspects of day to day living. Call Awakenings today and begin your healing with us. 805-574-0936.

Agoura Hills Chronic Pain Treatment