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Integrative Addiction Treatment: Why You Should Consider It

Integrative addiction treatment focuses on your overall health and well-being, in addition to treating the physical symptoms of addiction. Whether you’re starting your first treatment program or looking for additional support, an integrative approach may be best for your needs. You can heal from past traumas in a safe, supportive setting, while using exercise, meditation, and nutrition to manage stress. 

What Does Integrative Treatment Mean? 

Holistic, or integrative, is the concept that all parts of the body are interrelated rather than separate. Therefore, treatment should focus on all aspects of health, versus the physical symptoms alone. At Awakenings Treatment Center, we believe this is an excellent approach to treating addiction. 

Sadly, many people who abuse drugs and alcohol also deal with trauma or mental illness. For a successful recovery, they need to process past trauma, learn healthy coping strategies, and develop greater self-esteem. Fortunately, holistic healing embraces this. 

What are the Benefits of Total Healing with Integrative Treatment

Generally speaking, people do well in holistic recovery. As they transition into their everyday lives, they understand their addiction, why it started, and how to make healthy choices. Of course, recovery is a work in progress, but complete healing sets the stage for long-term success. 

Here are the key benefits of seeking complete healing. 

  • View the body as a whole entity. Your body’s systems are interconnected and not separate. For example, if your mind is telling, you that you’re in pain, your body may experience it. 
  • Improve the overall health of the mind, body, and spirit. The goal of total healing is to improve your mind, body, and spirit. When each component is strong, you set the stage for a resilient recovery.  
  • Combine holistic and traditional therapies. There are many holistic therapies to explore, but they do not take the place of traditional treatment. Thankfully, holistic recovery makes room for evidence-based therapies.  
  • Create a safe, peaceful environment. All individuals deserve a safe and supportive environment to recover in. Treatment centers that practice complete healing provide compassionate settings that encourage openness and healing. 
  • Offer a greater variety of treatment options. It’s incredibly important to have a wide range of treatment options, as some work better than others. As an example, Awakenings offers acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, yoga, and biofeedback.  
  • Higher rates of long-term success. Not only will you start with a stronger recovery thanks to holistic healing, but also you’ll have the tools to continue your sobriety. Holistic programs provide follow-up care and aftercare strategies to keep people on track.  

The Awakenings Difference 

Awakenings is an intensive outpatient healing center that works with individuals with substance abuse, eating disorders, mental illness, and other concerns. We focus on treating the whole individual with cutting-edge neuroscientific treatment technologies and integrative therapies. In addition, we maintain a beautiful, private environment that promotes healing

Here are the treatment options offered at our outpatient program. Some are included with our standard treatment services, and others are added onto your treatment plan. 

  • Science-based treatment. Neurofeedback, alpha-stim, and hemi-sync are therapeutic treatments that show effective results. They work on retraining the brain to be calmer and less reactive. 
  • Counseling. It’s important to understand your reasons for using drugs and alcohol. Once you do, you can develop healthy coping techniques to deal with stressful situations. 
  • Family support and education. Your home environment has a tremendous impact on your recovery. Therefore, Awakenings provides all families with the tools and resources to be supportive of their loved ones. 
  • Therapeutic services. Choose any therapeutic practice to add to your recovery plan. They work effectively to reduce stress, clear the mind and keep you engaged in your recovery. Examples include acupuncture, qigong, reiki, shiatsu, yoga, and massage therapy. 
  • Nutrition and fitness. Diet and exercise are also important components in integrative treatment. When your body is strong and healthy, it’s easier to make good choices that support sobriety. 

Identifying Holistic Therapies in a Rehab: What to Look For

Alternative treatments are generally considered safe as long as they are performed under proper supervision. As more research is done on therapies like acupuncture and massage, more treatment centers are incorporating these healing practices into their curriculum. Usually, you can find this information on the treatment center’s website or by contacting them directly. 

Overall, you want to look for programs that offer a wide range of alternative therapies for you to try. This way, you can explore various techniques in a safe and supportive environment. You might find that art therapy is helpful in releasing negative emotions or that meditation allows you to clear your mind and reduce negative self-talk. 

As you grow comfortable using these therapies to reduce stress and improve your mood, you’ll be able to use them more effortlessly in your everyday life. Better yet, many therapies learned in addiction treatment in Agoura are free or low-cost. For instance, you can journal, meditate or do yoga on your own time. 

Is Integrative Treatment Right for You? 

Choosing an outpatient treatment center is a big decision, because you want to put your time, effort and money into a program that works. At Awakenings, we believe anyone can benefit from an integrative treatment program.

Many addictions are driven by underlying mental illness, trauma or stress, and these areas need attention. If you are thinking about starting an integrative therapy program, here are some questions to ask yourself. 

  • Do you have past traumas to resolve? If you have issues or experiences that stem from your childhood, they may be causing you to use drugs and alcohol as an escape. A holistic treatment program will help you uncover these traumas and process them in a healthy manner. 
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with mental illness? Or, do you have the symptoms of a mental health disorder? Mental illnesses like depression, PTSD or anxiety have all been linked to substance abuse. Getting help for these conditions can greatly improve your chances to stay in recovery successfully.
  • Do you have trouble managing stress or conflict? Some people have an exceptionally hard time managing stress. Learning new coping strategies through anxiety and stress counseling can give you the confidence you need to prevent relapse. 
  • Are you trying to live a healthier life overall? If you want to improve all aspects of yourself, integrative treatment will give you the tools you need. In this case, you’ll learn how to nourish your body, develop healthy relationships and cope with stress. 

How to Pay for Integrative Addiction Treatment 

Generally speaking, insurance pays for some or all of addiction treatment. However, it all depends on the type of insurance you have. If you’re not sure what treatment center you want to go to, start with your insurance provider. They will provide a list of in-network rehab facilities that you can research on your own. Otherwise, if you have a treatment center, you can call them directly and ask them to verify your insurance. 

One of the ways to reduce the cost of treatment is by choosing an outpatient drug rehab in Agoura. Outpatient care is usually less expensive because you’re not living at the facility 24 hours a day. Instead, you come every day or several days a week to receive counseling and therapy. People also like this setup because they can continue working and raising their families. 

Depending on what your insurance covers, you may owe your deductible or a certain percentage of the treatment services. This remaining balance is paid out of pocket. Even though addiction treatment can be expensive, it is an investment in your life. Continuing to abuse drugs and alcohol is far more costly – and not just in terms of money. Addiction can rob you of your job, your family, your health and your life. 

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Awakenings Treatment Center accepts most major insurance companies, including Aetna, Cigna, Beacon, United Behavioral Health, TriCare, and Anthem BlueCross. Contact us today to verify your insurance and receive a complimentary assessment. Discover your purpose in life and reach complete healing at Awakenings.