friendships in sobriety

Choosing Friends Wisely in Sobriety

When you return home from outpatient drug rehab at Awakenings Treatment Center in Agoura Hills, California, you will need to get rid of your old lifestyle. This includes the things that could make you return to drugs or alcohol. It also means that certain friendships will have to end. Unhealthy or toxic friendships can be a danger to your recovery, and moreover, you probably no longer have much in common with these friends.

With that being said, it’s still important to maintain positive relationships with others. You need these connections to prevent loneliness and boredom, which can lead to relapse. Below are some tips for establishing positive, healthy friendships with others. 

Be Open to Meeting New People 

With all the work you’re putting into recovery, you may not feel motivated to meet new people. But, it’s important to keep yourself open to new friendships. The people you once thought were boring or lame may actually turn out to be great friends. 

Here are some of the people you might want to include in your support circle: 

  • Supportive friends from your ‘old’ life
  • New sober friends you’re meeting from your 12-step meetings, group therapy sessions, etc. 
  • People who are health conscious and don’t drink or do drugs, such as athletes and health advocates 
  • Family members 
  • Peers from social groups, like book clubs and exercise classes 

Stay Connected to Your Alumni Group 

Many treatment centers in Agoura Hills have alumni groups that keep clients connected. If your treatment center has one, participate in the program. This gives you a large community of support that understands what you’re going through. You can even do sober activities together, such as going to the movies or celebrating sober holidays. 

Decide What to Share 

You do not need to share everything about your addiction, but you also want to get new friendships started on the right foot. This is why it’s best, to be honest about your sobriety. If your ‘friend’ doesn’t have a good reaction, it’s best to find out now. After all, you don’t want to be friends with someone who doesn’t support you. 

Keep Busy with Activities 

You will meet many great people by default simply by staying active. Sign up for classes, get a gym membership, start a new hobby or volunteer your time. You’ll be keeping yourself busy and meeting people who you share things in common with. 

Also, be active in your recovery. Attend 12-step meetings, self-help groups and group therapy. Go out with people from your alumni group. Consider working toward being a sponsor yourself or helping out with people who are starting recovery. 

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