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The Importance of Staff to Client Ratios in Drug Rehab

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When choosing a drug rehab in Agoura Hills, one of the first factors to consider is the staff to client ratio. Simply put, this refers to the number of clients that each counselor is responsible for at the time. This ratio is important, as it tells you the attention and quality of care you’ll receive during your time in treatment. The fewer clients each staff member has to handle, the more attentive and targeted your treatment will be. 

Let’s learn more about the staff to client ratio, why it’s important, and how to find individualized care that meets your needs and goals. 

Why Does Staff to Client Ratio Matter in Drug Rehab? 

One of the key factors of effective substance use treatment is individualized care. When you receive care that meets your unique needs, strengths and challenges, you have a better chance of making a complete recovery, as all your needs are being met. 

An effective way to ensure personalized care is by having low staff to client ratios. This way, you get the full attention you need in a targeted manner, allowing you to address all the issues surrounding your substance use. 

While there will be times when you work with others, such as during group therapy, you will still receive individualized care. Your counselor may put you in specific groups based on the skills you are working on, or encourage you to share certain struggles. 

Furthermore, low staff to client ratios allow increased supervision and safety, timely intervention, deeper connections and greater motivation. All these elements lead to more positive experiences in recovery. 

What is a Good Staff to Client Ratio? 

A good staff to patient ratio is one where each counselor has a few clients to supervise. Staff should also carry the proper licensing. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), ratios are the following: 

  • Low: 4 clients or fewer per staff member 
  • Medium: 5-14 clients per staff member
  • High: More than 14 clients per staff member 

Ideally, you want to choose a drug rehab with low staff to client ratios. If you come across a facility with high ratios, expect the quality of care to be lower. It’s harder to get individualized attention when a counselor supervises many individuals simultaneously. 

Receive Highly Targeted Care at Awakenings Treatment Center 

Awakenings Treatment Center is a holistic rehab facility that prides itself on low staff to client ratios. We help individuals recover from their mental health and substance use disorders, while building meaningful lives. 

With personalized attention from highly skilled and licensed psychotherapists, psychologists, physicians and drug and alcohol counselors, we’re able to help many individuals rebuild their lives. Contact us today to learn more about our drug rehab in Agoura Hills.