Agoura Hills sober living

How Sober Living Homes Can Support Your Recovery

Many people think that once they finish drug rehab in Agoura Hills, the only place to go afterwards is home. However, there is another option: a sober living home. Sober living is a transitional living arrangement for people who need something more structured after rehab. 

At Awakenings Treatment Center, we recommend Fairview Supportive Living for those who feel they need more structure and supervision following rehab. Fairview offers safe, sober homes that allow people to continue their recoveries and have access to peer support and additional treatment.

Let’s learn more about sober living housing, who it’s best for and the benefits of choosing Fairview Supportive Living. 

What is Sober Living? How Does it Work? 

Sober living homes look just like regular homes on the outside. They are usually located in quiet neighborhoods with scenic views. Residents cover rent and utilities through their monthly fee and are responsible for taking care of the home, cooking meals and picking up after themselves. This provides opportunities for independent living but within a safe and supportive environment. 

In sober living, residents must adhere to a strict set of rules because they are not completely independent. For example, no drugs and alcohol are allowed, and most medications with addictive properties are banned as well. Visitors are generally limited so that the home stays safe, with as few distractions and temptations as possible. It is very important that everyone follows these rules so that the environment stays consistent and stable. 

Who Benefits Most from a Sober Living House? 

Sober living is an excellent way to transition into your everyday life. It provides you with the opportunity to live in a household with others and contribute to the greater good while having structure and stability. However, certain people benefit from this arrangement more than others. 

  • High risk for relapse. If you have a high risk of relapse, a sober living home is worth considering. This environment has far less distractions than others and can help you stay on track with your goals until you are stronger in your recovery.
  • History of relapse. If you relapsed before, sober living may be the best living arrangement. You already know that your home environment was not enough to keep you sober the first time around. 
  • Accessibility to drugs and alcohol. It’s difficult to recover in a home where drugs and alcohol are accessible. If your living environment is not sober, your recovery will be better protected in a sober living home. 
  • Lack of a support network. Sober living offers a strong peer support network that will help you stay motivated. If you lack this type of support at home, it may not be the best place to start your recovery. 
  • Unstable environment. To be successful in your recovery, you need a stable household that is free from drugs, alcohol and toxic relationships. If your current home environment is unstable, you may have to stay elsewhere. 

What are the Key Benefits of Sober Living? 

Extended treatment is best. Drug and alcohol addiction does not just go away, so people benefit from continued counseling and support. It often takes months of therapy to discover what led you down this destructive path in the first place, and even longer to develop healthy coping strategies. This is why we recommend at least 90 days of integrative addiction treatment for the best results

Sober living is a happy medium. You can complete an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab in Agoura and then move to a sober living home to work on building your skills. You won’t be tempted by drugs and alcohol or have the typical stressors of living at home. 

Let’s explore the main advantages to expect by choosing sober living. 

  • More time for adjustment. Months or years of abusing drugs and alcohol are not undone in one month of treatment. You need time to heal and adjust to the new life you are building. Sober living allows this time. In fact, many people stay for a year! 
  • Build a stronger recovery. If you’re not ready to go home just yet, that’s okay. You are being honest about what you feel you can take on right now. Sober living gives you time to build a stronger, more resilient recovery. 
  • Peer support. Peer support is helpful for both substance use and mental health disorders. When you reside in a sober living home, you are surrounded by people who understand what you are going through. 
  • Easier transition into society. Addiction robs people of many things, including their self-confidence and relationships with others. This is what makes it hard to jump back into things after rehab. Sober living lets you ease into everyday life little by little so that you are not overwhelmed. 

What Can I Expect from a Sober Living Facility Like Fairview Supportive Living? 

Awakenings Treatment Center and Fairview Supportive Living have a mutual relationship that offers the best of both worlds – personalized dual diagnosis treatment in Agoura and sober living in Agoura. It’s a seamless relationship that allows people to seek recovery while returning to a safe, supportive environment at the end of the day. 

Here is what you can expect when residing at one of these homes: 

  • Serene location. Fairview has two sober homes – one in Woodland Hills, CA and the other in Agoura Hills, CA. Both are beautiful and situated on lots of land – perfect for reflecting after a long day. 
  • Shared and private rooms. Shared and private rooms are available, so you can choose a fit that’s right for you. Some people enjoy having a roommate to share time with, while others enjoy the comfort and privacy of their own space. 
  • Responsibilities. You will be responsible for helping out around the home, continuing to work your recovery and picking up after yourself. This gives you some independence as you grow stronger in sobriety. 
  • Daily activities. Aside from daily living activities like cooking and cleaning, you can enjoy swimming in the pool, meditating in the privacy of the fenced-in backyard or watching your favorite television shows. 
  • Transportation. Fairview even provides transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, 12-step meetings and Awakenings trauma treatment center. 

A sober living home may offer you the safe, supportive environment you are looking for following drug rehab in Agoura Hills. To learn more about Awakenings Treatment Center and our relationship with Fairview Supportive Living, contact us today. We can make arrangements for this comprehensive care that will get you off to the best start possible.