choosing drug rehab Agoura Hills

Steps to Help You Choose the Right Drug Rehab

Are you ready to start your recovery? This is a big step to make, and the fact that you are admitting your need for help is a promising sign that you will do great in rehab. Here at Awakenings Treatment Center, we always tell new clients that the only thing they need to succeed in recovery is a willingness to work our program. It’s Important to find the RIGHT Drug Rehab, and we think we offer an amazing option here in Agoura Hills, California.

Our addiction treatment center in Agoura Hills provides clients with all the tools and resources needed to be successful in their recoveries. We have the capacity to treat co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression, and we also have programs for patients with chronic pain, eating disorders, and autism. 

At the end of the day, we want to support anyone who wants to get healthy, regardless of the treatment center they choose. Here are some tips to help you find the best drug rehab in Agoura Hills. 

Types of Rehab Programs 

The first thing is to determine what type of program to participate in, which depends on the level of care you need. Rehab programs vary based on the type of care given, how intensive it is and how long it lasts. Here are your options: 

  • Outpatient treatment is the lowest level of treatment. Clients live at home and commute back and forth to treatment, which is usually 3-5 times a week for several hours a day. 
  • Intensive outpatient treatment is a step up from OP and offers more structure and time in therapy. Clients usually attend treatment most days of the week for several hours a day. 
  • Inpatient treatment is one of the highest levels of care. Clients live at the treatment facility and have access to around-the-clock support. This type of treatment is best for those with active addictions. 
  • Partial hospitalization is in between inpatient and intensive outpatient care. Clients spend much of their day in treatment but do return home at night. 

Treatment Center Location 

Another decision you’ll have to make is where you want to go for treatment. Some people prefer to stay close to home because this is where their support circle is. Others decide that the only way they can change is by putting distance between them and their triggers. 

Awakenings Treatment Center gets clients from all over the country. Because our drug rehab is located in beautiful Agoura Hills, it accommodates Californians as well as those from other states. Agoura Hills is located on the western edge of Los Angeles, in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Budget and Insurance 

Addiction treatment is not cheap, but there are ways to lower your out-of-pocket expenses. Start with your insurance provider or the treatment center you’re interested in. This allows you to verify your insurance and find out what treatment services are covered, for how long, and up to how much. 

To reduce your costs, make sure you choose a treatment facility that is in-network with your insurance. Also, outpatient drug rehab tends to be cheaper because you’re not living at the facility. 

Lifestyle Considerations 

The more comfortable you are in your treatment program, the easier it will be to open up. Consider your individual lifestyle, history, and personal beliefs and how they may affect the recovery process. 

For example, if you’ve suffered a traumatic experience, you may do better at a trauma treatment center. Someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender will probably be most comfortable at our treatment center’s LGBTQ+ program.

Start Your Recovery Today 

If you’re looking for addiction treatment, contact Awakenings Treatment Center today. We’ll be happy to verify your insurance coverage and determine the best level of care for your needs. We serve all types of populations and have specialized programs for dual diagnosis, chronic pain, autism, and others. Start your recovery today in our caring, compassionate treatment facility.