Awakenings Treatment Center has developed a cutting-edge, neuroscientifically oriented treatment program specifically for adults of all ages struggling with post COVID-19 symptoms, or what many call Long Haul Covid.

The three most common symptoms of post-COVID-19 condition include shortness of breath, memory and concentration difficulties, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog) as well as fatigue. Less frequent but still common symptoms include people who experience things such as: chest pain, difficulty speaking, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, hypersomnia, muscle aches, fever, lingering loss of smell and loss of taste.

What is Long Covid?

Older adults and people with co-morbid, serious medical conditions are most likely to experience lingering COVID-19 symptoms, but young, otherwise healthy people can also feel unwell for weeks to months after infection.

In addition to symptoms directly related to COVID-19, many individuals isolated at home for long periods during their illness have turned to alcohol, food and other substances to self-medicate the fear, isolation, loneliness and anger that living with a chronic condition may provoke.

Comprehensive Treatment for Post COVID-19

Awakenings Treatment Center is positioned to provide comprehensive treatment for your post COVID-19 symptoms, as well as related addiction, abuse, and mental health symptoms. This is common for individuals who have never experienced addiction, compulsive eating or mental health problems previously.

It is currently unknown what the average duration of post-Covid 19 symptoms may be, but current estimates range between 3–9 months. The neurological nature of the most common symptoms lends hope for those who choose to access a multidisciplinary team in a neuroscientific facility, such as Awakenings Treatment Center.  

It is similarly unclear what percentage of clients develop lingering COVID-19 symptoms, and estimates range from 10% – 30%. These estimates include individuals for whom their original COVID-19 illness was mild or moderate in nature. There appears to be little to no correlation between severity of original infection and vulnerability of long-haul symptoms.

A Treatment Program Unlike Any Other

The Post COVID-19 treatment program at Awakenings Treatment Center includes a wide array of neuroscientific modalities, including: daily sessions of EEG Biofeedback, Alpha-Stim and Hemi Sync, Peripheral Biofeedback, and gentle Movement Therapies, in addition to individual and group therapeutic supports. Medication management with our triple board-certified staff physician is also an important component of each client’s treatment.

While providing effective treatment for the specific symptoms of Post COVID-19, Awakenings Treatment Center also provides extensive trauma, anxiety and depression therapies to address the medical trauma, mental health challenges, and interruption to one’s life that occurs with a chronic health condition. Trauma Resolution and Grief & Loss groups and individual sessions work in tandem with neuroscientific modalities to provide you with the most effective and holistic treatment available.

Contact us today to receive a no-cost evaluation directly with our CEO & Founder Dr. Shari Corbitt. If admission to the program is warranted, Dr. Corbitt, in collaboration with the Awakenings Clinical Team, will tailor your treatment plan and Awakenings experience to fit your individual needs.