The staff at Awakenings Treatment Center is passionate about helping people with chronic pain and chronic illness achieve optimal healing and the opportunity to return to a functional life. In addition to the treatments provided by the Awakenings Team, our organization is committed to supporting the research that will lead to new treatment interventions, whether they be new pharmaceuticals or other effective therapies. At Awakenings Treatment Center, we recognize that we are only one piece of the puzzle in these critical efforts.

In an effort to give back to our community and to the organizations working tirelessly to formulate new treatments, Team Awakenings has identified the Aids Life Cycle ( and the MS Ride ( events as our strategic partners for 2020 – 2021. Staff from Awakenings are already hard at work on their bikes and in the mountains – preparing for completing these events while raising tens of thousands of dollars in charitable donations, 100% of which will go directly to the MS Society and to HIV/AIDS research.

Unfortunately, these 2020 events have been cancelled due to COVID-19, however Team Awakenings is utilizing the additional time to create more robust opportunities for the accumulation of charitable donations. The 2021 event dates are still to be determined.

We are grateful for the opportunity to support the most vulnerable among us in need of cutting-edge treatments and effective interventions. Ride on!

Dr. Shari Corbitt
CEO, Awakenings Treatment Center

Dan Petersen
COO, Awakenings Treatment Center