Meet The Team

Brigitte Weilert

Chief Operating Officer & Director of Admissions

Brigitte Weilert is a compassionate and trustworthy individual who devotes herself to helping individuals who are struggling with addiction and trauma. Brigitte began her career in treatment in 2007 as a residential technician and came to find the Admissions role her true passion. Brigitte has residential treatment experience with addiction, dual diagnosis, eating disorders, trauma, mood disorders and other addictive behaviors. Her experience provides a more comfortable, effective identification for clients when taking that next step into treatment.

Being the initial contact person for clients and families, walking them through the intake process, and answering difficult questions is hands down Brigitte’s expertise.

Deciding on a treatment program is a very stressful and overwhelming experience. Whether the client has been to several programs in the past or it is their first time, Brigitte provides a smooth transition into treatment and remains connected once a client becomes an alumni.

When clients enter treatment, it takes a team effort to make the decisions necessary for an individual’s care. Clients commit to a new way of life one day at a time.

Brigitte works closely with therapists, psychiatrists, and holistic providers to help individuals get the support and care they need.

It takes a team effort to change lifelong behaviors and support a commitment to “try it” as Brigitte once did. Brigitte feels blessed to be a part of that process and see the growth that is truly accessible to all of us!