Meet The Team

Dan Petersen

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel’s path with Awakenings began in 2015, seeking treatment after years of struggling with personal loss, chronic pain, depression and addiction. Reluctant, skeptical and doubtful as he began treatment, he found the will to live and in true form to his nature he worked and fought relentlessly to heal mentally, physically and spiritually. Finding a new freedom and peace of mind, he found himself at a crossroad. Debating whether to go back to a successful 20 year career in the car industry or to try something entirely new. Ultimately the decision to help others was instinctive, although he knew he could return to a career in sales and have great success, he chose the road to share the tools and internal strength that he gained to help others.

Daniel began volunteering at Awakenings because of his firm belief that the program works, and the support and trust he had received from everyone involved in his treatment was truly life-changing.

Within a few months he was managing Awakening’s building and management operations and became a certified Neurofeedback Practitioner. In 2017 Daniel accepted a new position, Director of Operations at Awakenings. He had found his calling and enjoys utilizing his skills within this great organization and making a difference in the lives of others.

When presented in 2018 with the opportunity to share his personal experience, knowledge and people skills in the Outreach and Marketing arena he jumped in whole heartedly. His efforts and talent has a positive impact with helping to broaden the understanding of Awakenings Treatment Center and create a more active and productive voice in both the mental health and addiction community.

Through the opportunities and experiences he had at Awakenings and his own growth over the last few years, he has discovered that his true passion is helping clients and their families find confidence in having success with treatment, with support and compassion as they navigate a difficult and mostly unknown path to mental health and well-being, a situation that at times seems unsurmountable and hopeless.

Daniel is a formidable and awe-inspiring example of realizing the gifts of life and sharing those gifts with everyone he meets.