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In a Crisis, Our Vital Treatment Goes On

Mental Health Treatment During the Covid-19 Crisis

At Awakenings Treatment Center, most of our clients are dealing with mental health issues such as trauma, addiction, eating disorders and chronic pain. But we are also recognized for our treatment of interrelated conditions, such as the Covid-19 crisis, and for our ability to pivot in the direction of the need at hand.

We’re pretty much all feeling a heightened sense of fear, anxiety, and isolation in these unprecedented times. Most of us are feeling a wave of financial instability. And many of us are coping with physical manifestations of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis that’s sweeping across the globe.

While most of us will not actually contract the Covid-19 virus, we will feel ourselves fighting the stress. For those among us with underlying emotional or mental illness, this can be as brutal as any contagion. Today, that need is clear.

We are here to help those trying to cope in these uncertain times. There’s no current barrier to admitting people to treatment here. In fact, it’s safer than ever because of the heightened level of awareness.

Maintaining a High-Level of Infection Control and Prevention Measures

In addition to the hand-sanitizing stations in every room of our complex, we are a Joint Commission-accredited facility, so the bar that we have to meet for infection control and prevention is already extraordinarily high.

Of course, we’re also very used to respecting people’s space, so there’s social distancing built into our operation. For those in distress, treatment can be a key to not just surviving this crisis but emerging from it happy and healthy.

Stay Connected for Mental Health Support During the Covid-19 Crisis

In times of stress, staying connected is everything – connecting with ourselves and connecting with our loved ones. But we have a very special challenge right now, and it’s not the novelty of the Covid-19 virus; it’s the challenge so many of us have of going from connecting on many levels at a frenzied pace to now just having it all come to a screeching halt.

At Awakenings Treatment Center, we’re not just happy to help people stay connected; we need to do that. It’s literally what we’re here to do. Please feel free to reach out at any time.