I learned so much about myself at Awakenings

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Review for Awakenings Treatment Center
I learned so much about myself at Awakenings

I learned so much about myself at Awakenings. I have over 30 years sober in another program, however, the therapists at Awakenings, especially Shari took my clarity to another level.  At AwaKenings, they, mostly because of Shari,I was able to find what I could not figure out on my own. I had never been to any type of therapy previously. My issues were diagnosed as PTSD & Trauma. I was suffering and I couldn’t figure it out on my own.

After hearing the diagnosis, I wasn’t so sure, however, after many sessions, of intensive work on myself, I understand why I had the mental twist I did. I was measurably calmed after the time I spent at Awakenings. Still 10 plus years later, I’m so grateful to have found Awakenings. I always refer people there, if they need to work on themselves to feel better.  

Thank you Awakenings.
Thank you, Shari.
Lynne R. (via Yelp)