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This is What Happens to Your Body During Dry January

January is here, and you might be thinking about trying Dry January. Founded by Alcohol Change, this annual health initiative encourages people to abstain from alcohol for one month. Not only does this give the body a break from drinking, but it can also uncover potential alcohol problems, and show individuals the benefits that happen when they cut out alcohol. 

Here at Awakenings Treatment Center, we help individuals overcome alcohol addiction. Because we regularly see the negative effects of alcohol, we typically do not condone it in any form, for anyone. However, we recognize that alcohol is legal, socially acceptable, and can be handled responsibly.

So, whether you are concerned that you may have a drinking problem, are on the path to developing a drinking problem, or are simply looking to cut back and get healthier, Dry January is a great initiative. Below is what happens to the body when you stop drinking alcohol for one month. 

The First 10 Days of Dry January 

The first few days are typically the hardest, especially if you’re a moderate to heavy drinker. Your body may be dehydrated, which can cause hangover-like symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and irritability. Also, you’ll likely have a harder time falling asleep. 

Around the fifth day, it’s normal to start craving the sugar that you’re no longer getting from the alcohol. Avoid satisfying this craving with sweets and junk foods – it’s an easy trap to fall into. Instead, focus on eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and staying busy. You will notice an improvement in your concentration, sleep habits and energy, especially by day 10. 

As the month goes on, you may notice other improvements, such as:

  • Improved immunity 
  • Better learning and problem solving 
  • Better eating patterns and hydration 
  • Reduced acid reflux 
  • Lowered blood pressure 
  • Improved physical performance 
  • Fewer calories consumed 
  • Better looking skin
  • Less money spent on alcohol 
  • Recovered liver function 

Is it Worth Giving Up Alcohol for Just One Month? 

While there are many benefits to quitting alcohol for one month, it won’t matter if you return to heavy drinking. So, is it really worth participating in Dry January?

Yes, it is. 

The goal of Dry January is to establish healthier habits, especially if you notice your drinking habits are unhealthy. Even if you don’t have an alcohol use disorder, the benefits of not drinking should motivate you to change. You will sleep better, lose weight faster, be more productive, and have more money to spend. 

Furthermore, by reducing or quitting your alcohol intake, you can prevent an alcohol addiction from starting and protect yourself from accidents, heart disease, cancer and other health problems. So, “Is it worth giving up alcohol for one month?” YES! This can be the start you need to create a better life. 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Agoura Hills

Awakenings Treatment Center treats alcohol use disorders of all severities. We have various levels of care that allow us to support individuals throughout their recoveries. If you are having trouble removing alcohol from your life, contact us today. We can help you get sober, stay sober, and love your life!