A lot of dreams and ambitions have been shattered due to drug addiction that has resulted in mental health issues. Fortunately, patients now have the opportunity of rebuilding their lives and living a drug-free life. All that is required is to seek help from reputable drug rehab in Agoura Hills. Awakenings Outpatient Mental Health and Drug Rehab is the right rehab center to turn to.

At Awakenings, we aim to help you overcome your drug addiction and mental health issues. We are a reputable drug rehab in Agoura Hills that offers compassionate, top class support for patients who will like to overcome their drug use issues. No matter the severity of your drug addiction or mental health challenges, we will help you achieve sobriety.

We provide many personalized programs and services designed to help you live a drug-free life after your residential treatment. We help both young and adult patients all over Agoura Hills and the entire CA area to overcome their addiction issues with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Our specialized 12 step program is guaranteed to achieve excellent results.

Drug Rehab in Agoura Hills with Sophisticated Treatment and Rehab Procedures

What sets us apart from other drug rehabs in Agoura Hills is our transparent, well-detailed, and sophisticated treatment and rehab procedures. Unlike other rehabs, we do not just treat your addition. We use dual diagnosis treatment to treat your addiction and mental health issue. We will address the whole individual: body, mind, and soul. With this, you can anticipate excellent and prompt results from the addiction treatment.

We work with a team of well experienced, qualified therapists and mental health specialists. Our therapists have undergone professional and comprehensive training on how to work with addiction and mental health patients. By making use of their skill and experience, they will help you overcome your addiction challenges and live a drug-free life.

We Recommend a 12 Step Program to Patients

What’s more, our qualified therapists will recommend our tested and trusted 12 Step Program for you. This treatment program comprises various therapies including Art Therapy, Weekly Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, and Gentle Mindfulness Practice.

The program also consists of Interactive DBT Skills Training, Therapeutic Restaurant Outings, Alpha-Stim & Hemi-Sync, and a host of other sessions. Our specialist will provide you with coping skill on how to endure the overwhelming withdrawal symptoms or cravings you may experience during and after your treatment program.

Choose Us as Your Drug Rehab in Agoura Hills

At Awakenings, we care a lot about the health and comfort of our patients. Our treatment procedures and therapies are carried out in a serene and tranquil environment. Our Agoura Hills rehab center is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ultramodern amenities, and every other thing you need to make you feel comfortable during your time at the rehab.

Above all, our services are very affordable. We will personalize our treatment to suit your convenience and comfort. We will provide you the needed encouragement and support throughout this testing period. Within a short period, we will help you achieve sobriety. Contact us today to know more about our services. We are the ideal Drug Rehab in Agoura Hills, CA that always guarantees excellent services.

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